Any tips on fixing external hard drive please?

gaba1, Mar 5, 5:20am
Any tips on fixing external hard drive please? When the pooer button is pressed, the hard drive makes a humming noise, as if revving up, and then the power on the thing flicks on and off and on and off and on and off...Some electrical fault maybe? I can pull it apart, but don't really know what I'm looking for. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Last resort, will be to find some pro to sort it out. Thanks.

dunedin_ree, Mar 5, 5:37am
Mine does that if it's not getting enough power. Plug a power adapter into it if you have one, or use the double-usb cable to plug both USB connectors into your computer (it should come with this). Also make sure you're using the USB cable that comes with it.

sirfer, Mar 5, 9:01am
Lmao @ pooer button...push a button and it takes a you were

harrihorse, Mar 5, 12:30pm
Try another power cable and plug.

deodar, Mar 5, 6:38pm
On&off,on&off,on&off,on&off,on&off,on&off You have an intermittent power fluctuation & it's a wannabe boy racer.Disassembly is not recommended
because" assembly is a reversal of the disassembly process" has been the
last straw for many techs.(the one that broke the camels back)HaHa reminds me of something....

deodar, Mar 5, 6:47pm
Cousie bro' was around helping Hemi fix the indicators on Hemi's Holden.They had
a beer because it was a long job,then
Hemi decided to check out his new
indicators."tell me if its working on that side", he said to bro'."Sweet as"replied his cousie bro'.Is it going now?asked Hemi,behind the wheel
"Yes,no,Yes no,Yes no Yes No, yes No
Yes no"

gaba1, Mar 6, 4:55am
Well if I could find a matching adapter, I would try it, but can't. I've also tried another power point, but still no go.

got2bin2win, Mar 8, 10:45am
Dead power supply... If its a 3.5" hdd that plugs in to mains then it sounds like the power adapter is dying, if its 2.5" hdd then i would agree with the others usb ports are not supplying enough ergs.

skin1235, Mar 8, 6:40pm
Plug the drive in as a slave and prove it is not the drive itself, if it goes then look further re the external, if it doesn't then bin it and get another

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