Advice needed re buying desktop/printer/screen

rushka, Apr 6, 4:00am
My tech-naive boss asked me to look for a desktop computer/printer/screen combo for her elderly mum who mainly only sends emails & receives emails with photo attachments. My brief is "new computer and printer for my mother. Want something that does emails and prints without taking a week and breaking down! Know any good bargains in Wlg at the moment? "

I've looked on TradeMe for a combo package & on a few websites (below) but don't know which would be the best bang for buck. I have three week timeframe to come up with the goods - which need to be "little old lady friendly & foolproof". Any advice for any of these or what I need to look for? (I think preference is for new item(s) for the warranty/service features but haven't heard back yet.

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vtecintegra, Apr 6, 4:04am
Stretch to a new iMac. Although they are by no means foolproof they're still going to cause less problems than Windows.

drcspy, Apr 6, 4:09am
dont buy acer or if a laptop hp... ... . .

aside from that pretty much any computer will be capable of emails/printing etc... ... . .

rushka, Apr 6, 4:17am
Yep - understood re acer & hp laptop. Would an elderly mum easily understand the move from windows to mac? In theory I would have to make the purchase, set it up and show the mum what to do - I've never touched a Mac before ... but its only a machine after all so how hard can the change be?

rushka, Apr 6, 4:25am
I've always meant to look into Macs one day - maybe sooner than I though eh. I'll go have a nosey at a store's working model. Many thanks on suggestions.

rushka, Apr 7, 1:29am
Not sure yet about putting myself or the elderly mum through the process of learning to use macs yet (sorry) ... . so I've still been looking at PCs. Do any of these pc/screen combos look OK to seriously consider? I'm presuming they are all rebuilt. aspx? member=150681

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