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brocton, Apr 7, 4:19am
My HP will not scan on Vista and there is no driver available. So I need to replace it. I need a small footprint for my desk. I need scan, copy, print. I use mainly black and small amount on colour. My HP is expensive as run out of black too frequently. I dont really want a laser. Any recommendations? I have been to 5 shops, they each recommend a different make and model, I am at my wits end.

brocton, Apr 7, 4:22am
Also I need to use my cable router, but would also like wireless capable

drcspy, Apr 7, 4:43am
LASER are very cheap to run why dont you want one ?

samsara11, Apr 7, 5:20am
Well I gave up on my HP multi-function. HP could not understand why I got sick and tired of uninstalling and reinstalling the software daily! ! I switched to a Brother multi-function which is great.

sapper1, Apr 7, 5:46am
I would go with Laser. In the long run they are cheaper to operate - 1500 - 2600 copies to the cassette as opposed to 500 for ink. (Laser is cheaper to the equivilent in ink). I have operated Brother Lasers for the last 12 years - the first MFC cost me $1700 (1998) my latest MFC cost me $250 - how times change. And the ink doesn't run if you get your pages rained on! ! !

brocton, Apr 7, 6:26am
Thanks folks I can see I have to consider laser. What is the colour like with laser?

sapper1, Apr 7, 7:28am
I personally think it is better than ink and it sets quicker. Laser colour is costly when you replace your colour toners but you do get a greater number of copies and a better deal if you use reloaded ones from a reputable provider. I think the cheapest laser colour is about $499 and is a Brother. My origional comment was more toward a mono laser. But colour lasers are getting cheaper and I believe give a shaper image. .

sapper1, Apr 7, 7:30am
... . sharper image... sharper image! ! ! Sorry about shaper.

sapper1, Apr 7, 7:37am
I have just read your post again... should have paid more attention at the beginning... . I use a mono laser Brother MFC7340, and a cheap HP for my colour printing, which I dont do much of and therefor cant justify the colour laser. The advantages of an MFC is that it prints, copies, faxes, scans(colour), PC fax as one machine. I got rid of myfax and scanner and hence have a lot more room on my desk. I am a Brother fan and have ben for years, there's lots of deals out there at the moment on Brothers. Cheers.

gyrogearloose, Apr 7, 7:44am
I acquired a HP scanjet 4070 recently, downloaded the drivers for Vista - what I found was that HP only released a basic driver for Vista, while the XP drivers included the HP Director software and the driver for Transparent Materials Adapter for negatives (which was why I got it). Yes, the scanner worked on Vista, but wouldn't use the light in the hood to scan negatives (therefore the quality was poor).

HP shot themselves in the foot here, they have lost customers, all because they didn't release the full software for Vista. It was certainly technically possible. I think they are more interested in the services business, the EDS stuff. I know people that work in HP, they hate it, like the boss will cluster everyone and say "we need volunteers to take a pay cut"...

nzmu, Apr 7, 8:13am
I have an HP c5380 multi and have never had any problems running it on Vista. For poster number 1, I would consider the HP, have a look at any of their deskjet models as they are designed to run more efficiently. Check the printer cartridges - they show a page print figure. They are not to good for photos as they don't use the vivera inks. If you purchase one and it does not function fully on your system, phone the HP 0800, they will normally give you a reference number and tell you to return it to the store (with your receipt) for a hassle-free refund. I think their large 6500 model comes with a 30 day free trial - but you must contact HP, not the store, to start the refund process. Hope some of this helps.

nzmu, Apr 7, 8:29am
I said deskjet in the above post - should have said officejet.

sprinter51, Apr 7, 11:34am
I've gone back to a Epson T50 inkjet printer The inks today are just the bee's knee's anti fade etc. Photo printing is fast and far better than Laser can ever be. Most honest retails will avise you the same That inkjet has and will alway leave laser dead in the water. I bought a HP colour laser a couple of years ago It was just out of war. t and when I tried to get it fix I was told that that model was a throw away one. WELL they got a earful from me $900 bucks and the original cartridges still @1/2 full and I have to throw it away :-((( . Never but another HP as long as my A . . . points to the ground. But back to your problemBase your selection on the volume of prints BW and COLthe cost of the printer but mostly the cost of the consumables. In the case of inkjets you can pay $200 and up for a set and for Lasers the cost of toner and drum unit thats right YOU will have to buy one sooner or later and boy they are costly

richms, Apr 7, 3:17pm
Keep the colour MFC that wont scan so you can print in colour, and get a cheap laser MFC for black and white prints and colour scans.

richms, Apr 7, 3:19pm
Had the same issue but with a ADF on a HP scanner.

under 7 there is a free VM with XP in it that you can connect USB devices to so that they work normally to the XP installation. Works fine for my USB one, but no way to attach a scsi device to the VM that I have found yet.

brocton, Apr 7, 9:10pm
Thanks for all the comments. I think maybe my shopping enquiries are in agreeance with the general thrust of your replys. a case of what is best for me, that is what I have to decide. However I have been stung by HP, so they will not get a second chance. Their customer website and also the MS website has hundreds of people in my position - all unhappy with HP.

samsara11, Apr 7, 9:17pm
Yes, I found that too brocton. I just wish I had gone there before I purchased my HP. Their help desk was totally useless and it appears that issues I had were very common.

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