Xnet - International Speeds

Xnet - International Speeds Has anybody else experienced very slow international speeds with xnet? I get just over 4000kbps download to xnet server but most times only between 300 - 400kbps to Los Angelos.

geek_darrylwilliams, Mar 7, 10:37 pm

There was some guy bitching about ihug coz the International Speeds were slow so everone at mo are have problems

geek_phillbit, Mar 7, 10:51 pm

Not really I'm on telecom broadband here no problems at all very good speeds too I will just do a speedtest to prove it :)

geek_rowan11, Mar 7, 10:55 pm

Im doing a whopping 8kpb/s on xtra bb ^_^

geek_deus701, Mar 7, 10:56 pm

Here we go :) http://www.speedtest.net/result/243524307.png now thats a server thats ages away :)

geek_rowan11, Mar 7, 10:58 pm

I think a cool improvement Speedtest.net could make would be to map out all the submarine cables and see if they could map a real(ish) visual route your packets take, possibly even showing individual hop data like a traceroute. Somewhat like the visualroute site but a lot better.

geek_derekguy, Mar 8, 9:25 am

With xnet: 7.2 gb in 2 days.

geek_seriouslycgi, Mar 8, 12:34 pm