Acer Aspire 5100

These have a soldered CMOS battery, who's stupid idea was that.
And there web support sucks like a drunk on P.

geek_pcfix4u, Apr 8, 4:39 pm

haah SOLDERED very nice.

geek_amieward, Apr 8, 7:12 pm

bottom 'o' barrel == acer

geek_gibler, Apr 8, 7:17 pm

don't remove the solder, the who computer will fall apart, its structural! !

geek_malachiman, Apr 8, 9:37 pm

so it doesn't rattle when you start it up...

geek_0800xford, Apr 9, 9:25 am

Yes it does Oxy, sound like an old lady after pork and Puha.

geek_pcfix4u, Apr 10, 8:48 am