Can anyone recommend a good 'digital photo frame'

go2shaz, Mar 9, 5:47am
Can anyone recommend a good 'digital photo frame' Hello. Just wondering if anyone has purchased a digital photo frame from Trademe and if so, would you recommend it? I'm looking at buying one for a wedding present so any comments etc would be appreciated. Many thanks

flick13, Mar 9, 6:41am
Yes there are some good ones.... and also some not so good ones. However I'm am unable by the rules of TM to say anymore

hakatere1, Mar 9, 3:21pm
What I wanted for Christmas was a $200 gold plated analog watch (I dropped enough hints). What she got me was a crap keyring photo frame from dse. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. However, the poster above has better quality ones listed I'm sure.

badcam, Mar 9, 6:57pm
Can't help, but you should be aware that many of these frames are coming preloaded with viruses right form the factory. One well know brand recently had something like 3000 go out with malicious software. I don't have a reference to hand, but Google your friend. You might need to be very careful in how you transfer your photos onto whatever you buy so that your PC(s) isn't infected.

badcam, Mar 9, 6:59pm
2. Hey flick13? Is TM cracking down on things ATM? Is there a thread I've missed? I know lot's of people seem to be getting banned on opinion lately, but are there other issues at hand as well?

popz, Mar 9, 8:21pm
Agree with #3 Those dse keyring ones are absolute rubbish to use a polite word.Dont know why thet persist in selling them.

puffydawg, Mar 9, 8:57pm
Grab the viewsonic one its pricy at about $270 but is 800x480 and can display pictures upto 10MP where your cheaper ones cant, it has 128meg onboard memory plus multi card readers in the bottom, got one at home they are great.

flick13, Mar 9, 10:53pm
Re #5.... I think there has been an increase in TM policing. Just pays to watch what you say. It's silly - I've was warned at the end of last year about self promotion on here - but I was only responding to someones plea for something they required (i.e. I was trying to help) that I knew I had, and was hard to find. It's not like I started a thread saying - look at what I have!

kgbee, Mar 10, 4:35am
My daughter bought a "no name"... one from a seller on TM.
It was just a generic digital frame.
The lack of a makers name should have warned her.
It was supplied with a "free" 1Gb Kingston SD card too.
The Kingston SD card doesn't match anything on the Kingston site, and there is no holographic trade mark on the back either. Probably a fake?
The frame won't read anymore than 500 photo's either. Could be a fault with the frame or just the SD card. Haven't tried a "proper" genuine card yet. This may solve everything.
So, yes, go buy a real one with a real makers name on it.

phil_boy, Mar 10, 4:45am
Auction #143950943 143950943 Looks to be a very good one! Great trader / seller too! :-)

badcam, Mar 10, 4:49am
If it's a present, why not go the whole hog and buy an internet connected one (wifi is best).Then you can set up an RSS feed and send new photos to the recipient any time you want.

orbadmin, Mar 10, 4:53am
Have to agree with puffydawg VIEWSONIC are great, Have two and never missed abeat plus can increase Card to 4 gb

fordcrzy, Mar 10, 9:20am
The biggest thing to check is the aspect ratio we bought one and it doesnt display in the standard photo format ratio so everyone in the photos is FAT as the photo frame displays in widescreen type format....bloody annoying as it was a present for a relitive and we couldnt check it first with our usb stick...of course the "demo" pics were the corrct ratio

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