HP Printer probs.

zak1998, Apr 11, 10:43pm
Running Vista (say no more) I have got a HP C5280 printer and the software keep installing it self every time I start the computer does anyone know how to stop this all the time. Thanks.

zak1998, Apr 11, 11:10pm
bump help its doing my head in.

hakatere1, Apr 11, 11:26pm
Sounds like it hasn't been installed properly. Go to start/control panel/programs and features, uninstall the printer program, reboot and run the printer install disk again. Follow directions precisely.

zak1998, Apr 12, 5:37am
I did and it's still doing it just the same as bofore

hakatere1, Apr 12, 10:38am

rushka, Apr 12, 10:59am
Check you have latest driver with the diagnostic on the HP site. I've fought a few HPs over the years.


toymit, Apr 12, 1:44pm
Yeah, as above. Go to the HP website and check if it has an update or fix for your printer model.

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