Can\'t access my login sites

meika4, Apr 13, 1:32am
Can someone please help. Was happily using my laptop and all of a sudden I can't access anything that I have to login/password. I can still google anything. I have run Norton 360 (all clear) and run Malware (also all clear). I have shut the laptop down and still no joy. What can I do next? tia

0800xford, Apr 13, 1:34am
"malware" ? do you mean malwarebytes' ?

malachiman, Apr 13, 1:34am
turn cookies on?

0800xford, Apr 13, 1:35am
as always they are scant on specifics, we want specifics.

sighkick, Apr 13, 1:36am
Just a question. Explain how you get to the site you want to access?

Is Google used at all in this process? I have a reason for asking this question.

meika4, Apr 13, 1:39am
Ok - yes malwarebytes is what I downloaded and ran. All clear. The sites are all accessable from my desktop and shortcuts. Just checking that cookies is turned on because I did fiddle with that in my panic.

meika4, Apr 13, 1:42am
0800xford - hmmmm I thought I did well explaining the problem and what I did.

meika4, Apr 13, 1:43am
Thank you for your help - all working now the cookies have been turned back on. Still not sure why it just happened initially.

sighkick, Apr 13, 1:44am
meika4 - just asked because I have found seen so many people using Google to find the same site time after time.

They will type into Google ! Duh. This doesn't seem to be your problem.

Assume you can actually get to the page to sign on?

edit: all fixed I see... . shouldn't take too long typing!

jcmp21, Apr 13, 1:48am
My boss does that and it drives me nuts

0800xford, Apr 13, 1:48am
another happy camper

malachiman, Apr 13, 2:03am
and me=fail on the nerd test the other day too

sighkick, Apr 13, 2:22am
Yeah jcmp21 - that and those people on dial-up (or were on dial-up) that activate their dial-up connection by opening their Internet Exploder!

They consider that Internet Explorer is the INTERNET and don't seem to get their head around that IE uses the internet same as Outlook Express, MSN etc etc.

The INTERNET is the connection with the outside world, similar to the way the phone line is the connection with others on a network.

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express both use the internet as a physical phone or fax machine uses the phone line.

But yeah, certain habits annoy me too - like 'I sent an email to and it doesn't seem to work. Why is this? 'Or there is something wrong, emails to (or are bouncing back. (experiences working in IT at a high school).

0800xford, Apr 13, 2:35am
i saw that, can you stop failing, thanks...
ha ha ha!

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