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nzlotrfan, Apr 13, 2:34am
I am wanting to add up numbers in different records of the 'Amount of People' column, as a query. I'm not really sure how to go about this though, if it can even be done. My question is, can this be done? Thanks

johnlyn, Apr 13, 2:41am
What version do you have?

bob7771, Apr 13, 2:42am
Is all the data in the field "amount of people" a number?

nzlotrfan, Apr 13, 2:51am
I have the 2007 version... . And yes all the data are numbers only.

bob7771, Apr 13, 3:02am
well, what I would do is create a new query, add the field with the numbers to the design grid and using the totals select the sum option to generate a total

nzlotrfan, Apr 13, 3:48am
Finally managed to get a solution. Thanks for your input!

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