Printing e-mails out from Microsoft Outlook

donalstuart, Apr 13, 9:27am
For the e-mails from Trademe informing me of a sale, I wish to print the e-mail out without the header (date, who sent, who to and tile etc. How can I do this? Im sure its simple but cannot fathom it.

Second question: When I print this I only want to print the first half of the page on an A5 paper and not the rest of the page. How do I do this as I find it just tends to print the second part of page on next sheet?

flewy, Apr 13, 9:30am
you have a computer just store them in a folder

licast, Apr 13, 10:47am
Highlight the text you want to print, copy it and then paste it in Word.

dunedin_ree, Apr 13, 10:53am
In the print options just choose to print page 1.

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