Cheap ADSL line splitter in Auckland?

vicvic, Apr 13, 11:06pm
where can I buy one cheap in Auckland? they're $20 at DSE and $25 at bond and bond.

johnf_456, Apr 13, 11:08pm
I think you mean a line filter? A splitter in simple terms is a device that is physically hard wired into your line so therefore you don't require a splitter.

For line filters have you tried your local pc shop like pb tech even.

vicvic, Apr 13, 11:10pm
sorry, filter! I haven't checked any local stores yet.

johnf_456, Apr 13, 11:12pm
What part of Auckland are you in? I know Auckland quiet well.

thewomble1, Apr 14, 1:54am
I got some for $5. 00 from this guy. idea.
drop an email and give them a go.

kane199, Apr 14, 1:58am
i used this before we got an actual line splitter php? item=MODDYN0900

out of all the ones I've tried they worked best.

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