Star Trek 2009 for Free with Seagate 500GB HDD

sighkick, Apr 14, 12:00am
Paramount Pictures is exploring a new frontier by participating in an offer to sell Seagate Technology hard drives with a copy of the latest Star Trek movie and 20 other films already on board.

The one-month offer, which both companies on Monday called an industry first, would combine a 500-gigabyte hard drive with a free version of 2009's Star Trek for an online promotional price of US$100. An empty 500 GB Seagate hard drive usually sells for US$140 (NZ$200).

The other movies distributed by Paramount, including GI Joe, Nacho Libre and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius come pre-loaded with a digital lock that requires a code that can be purchased online for US$10 to US$15 each. Even watching Star Trek requires registration.

The pre-loaded movies come with a Windows-based digital rights management system that prevents file sharing. They take up about 50 GB of the drive itself.

The special sale comes as Hollywood is struggling with falling DVD sales in the face of piracy and is looking for new ways to sell movies from its library.

Other companies have used heavy discounts on DVDs as a way to lure shoppers.

Both companies declined to say if they were taking a loss on the promotional price. Both could be using the offer as a way to lure buyers for other related products they're selling.

Paramount, a unit of Viacom Inc, is selling its other movie titles, while Seagate Technology is selling a device that enables movies stored on hard drives to be played on television sets for US$130.

drcspy, Apr 14, 12:01am
Feck ! Just bought a 500gb seagate 2. 5" for my laptop bout a month ago... . .

sighkick, Apr 14, 12:01am
What do you think?

The way I read this, you only get one free movie with this HDD deal, the rest you have to unlock on-line @ $US10 - $US15 each.

drcspy, Apr 14, 12:05am
ah didn't read that bit and anyway i'm not a great movie fan - I have a few on this machine which a mate passed to me but it'll take me a year or maybe a couple to view em probalby (theres only about 10 lol)

0800xford, Apr 14, 12:07am
just saw the movie the other day, not too bad at all!
it even had the real spock.

jcmp21, Apr 14, 12:07am
Is there a porn option?

sighkick, Apr 14, 12:10am
hahahaha... didn't take long ey? Pr0n option - what else and it's not even Friday yet!

0800xford, Apr 14, 12:12am
or troma ><.

amieward, Apr 14, 1:23am
With DRM for free!

Good to see but years too late.

vampire10, Apr 14, 5:06am
80 bucksfor a 500gig dude price spy it :)

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