Genius Videocam Trek doesn't work win7 64bit

Just did a reinstall in 64 bit mode of Win7 Ultimate now my webcam doesn't work... Grr, the software loaded OK and says I need to connect a cam to get it working.
Plug in the cam and it says No divers found.

Worked OK in win7 32 bit mode. No newer drivers available either.

Maybe I need to install XP and dual boot my system

geek_kiwikidd77, Apr 14, 12:48 pm

Try running it in xp compatibility mode, you never know. So far I haven't encountered any 64-bit incompatibility problems.

geek_rgtrading, Apr 14, 12:53 pm

thanks. tried that but still no success. A friend had to replace his 2 year old printer because of Win7 Ultimate. Canon said it was too old to bother writing drivers for.

I have to wonder why the need to change drivers all the time when new OS is installed. Maybe a scheme to keep people buying new products all the time even when the older ones are still in good working condition.

geek_kiwikidd77, Apr 14, 3:40 pm

That says a lot about canon then doesn't it.

geek_rgtrading, Apr 14, 3:54 pm

True, avoid like the plague. I'm beginning to think the same about genius and their webcams.

geek_kiwikidd77, Apr 14, 7:36 pm