Acer laptop display issues!

I have an acer laptop (Aspire 5030) and the screen is not displaying what it should.
It freezes and does not display the movements of the mouse and slowly fades out to a white screen however the if i push down on the screen and get it at the correct angle the screen seems to work but as soon as I take my hand away again it freezes and fades out.

It seems that there is a loose connection which just needs some pressure to rectify the problem but I am not sure how to do it.

Thanks for the help in advance

geek_teeituphigh, Apr 14, 7:59 pm

try an external monitor, same problem?

geek_0800xford, Apr 14, 8:24 pm

Dont have one unfortunately

geek_teeituphigh, Apr 14, 8:33 pm

if you did you could test if it was the video chip at fault or the lcd/connection.
you could try booting into safe mode to see what happens

geek_0800xford, Apr 14, 8:40 pm

Cool thanks. Will give it a go. Its like there is a loose wire or connection because even the slighest downward pressure or pressure against the screen towards the keyboard helps

geek_teeituphigh, Apr 14, 8:48 pm

Hi there the Acer "White screen of death" is very common, I had it on a 4315 lappy. There is a good Youtube clip showing it here: v=cT0h58JACIUI found that just removing the cover and unplugging/replugging the video cable shown in the clip sorts things for a while. With my laptop have to do this every 6 months or so.

geek_galex, Apr 14, 9:26 pm

OK will give that a try. Its very odd and if i cant fix it means $$$ :(

geek_teeituphigh, Apr 14, 9:42 pm

Didnt work... . Mine seems to be more to do with the top left of the screen as I gently put pressure there it seems to work fine but i have to hold my hand ther!

geek_teeituphigh, Apr 14, 10:15 pm