No sound - Acer aspire, windows 7

My cousin's laptop has stopped producing any sound. Ive looked through all the settings that I know of and nothing is disabled. I booted onto a ubuntu live cd and there was sound in there so I dont believe its a hardware fault.

Any suggestions?

geek_morrisman1, Apr 14, 8:53 pm

oh dear an acer...

Drivers? Any anything odd showing in device manager? ? Not on mute by any chance? ?

geek_johnf_456, Apr 14, 8:54 pm

Otherwise it could be some piece of shit acer bloatware app

geek_johnf_456, Apr 14, 8:55 pm

Theres no bloatware on there apart from the realtek audio controller as far as I can see but Ill take a second look for that. Nothing odd in device manager at all and no, mute was the first thing I checked

geek_morrisman1, Apr 14, 8:59 pm

there's a sound wizard in windows land isn't there?
tried dxdiag too?

geek_0800xford, Apr 14, 9:27 pm

no, i havnt. Im not familiar with dxdiag apart from looking at what gfx card is installed and the dx version. How will DXdiag help?

geek_morrisman1, Apr 14, 9:31 pm

if you take a look at it you will see it has some sound device tests.

geek_0800xford, Apr 14, 9:32 pm

to run it start run or windows key + r and type in "dxdiag"

Has xford has said.

geek_johnf_456, Apr 14, 9:48 pm

ok, job for tomorrow now. Ill report back when I have progress, or possibly no progress

geek_morrisman1, Apr 14, 9:54 pm

Is the speaker icon in the tray unchanged by a ? or a /;fixed one
today like that, was sending msg "no audio output device exists"
which is microspeak for 'speakers are stuffed'

geek_deodar, Apr 14, 10:17 pm

fixed, just reinstalled the HD audio software and have sound once again. Seems weird that it failed in the first place.

geek_morrisman1, Apr 22, 10:23 pm