2 sided printing

rover79, Apr 14, 9:32pm
Can someone tell me what steps I have to take to get the printer to do 2 sided printing, or where I can go to do a course on using publisher?

gibler, Apr 14, 9:41pm
firstly you need a duplex enabled printer ...

drcspy, Apr 14, 9:44pm
turn the paper over between prints

rover79, Apr 14, 10:13pm
yes printer is suitable, when the printer option screne comes up it has the words, 2 sided printing, but this doesn't highlight to activate the option when the curser is on it, so therefore something somewhere else has to be clicked on first, thats what I can't find.

rover79, Apr 14, 10:20pm
AH, think i've found it, under duplex, if I chose the option booklet* will that do it for me?

ruki1, Apr 14, 10:21pm
Advice here... Laser printers curl the paper causing problems when printing the second side.

gibler, Apr 14, 10:31pm
under accessories/device options of printer proerties make sure Duplex is installed

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