Printer installation help please.

cautis, Apr 15, 2:52am
I have a packard bell pc running windows xp. My printer is HP F2280 series. I can't find an installation disc to install it onto my pc. Is there any way this can be done without a disc? Thanks.

jcmp21, Apr 15, 2:57am
try here http://welcome.

jcmp21, Apr 15, 2:58am
actually this might be easier

http://h10025. www1. lc=en&am

cautis, Apr 15, 3:00am
Thanks, will look now.

kevin16, Apr 15, 3:00am
http://is. gd/btf8m ...

cautis, Apr 15, 3:01am
How do I know if my comp is microsoft windows vista or microsoft windows vista (64 bit)?

kevin16, Apr 15, 3:02am
sort it out! post #1 you say XP?

jcmp21, Apr 15, 3:03am
iright click on my computer then click on properties. Its in the sytem properties part

cautis, Apr 15, 3:03am
yep sorry, I'm used to thinking about my laptop. The pc is xp.

jcmp21, Apr 15, 4:32am
any good?

drcspy, Apr 15, 5:38am
no it's impossible... ... ... . .

seriously ... ... . WHERE do you think (if you think at all) you could possibly get the necessary drivers/software from ?

it IS an hp printer right... ...

shall we play a guessing game ?
do you think maybe some website might have what you want ?
who could it be ?
ummmmmm... ... ... . hmmmmmmm... . . -
... ... . . ohhhhhh... ... ... ahhhhh-
HP maybe ?
what do you think ?

kevin16, Apr 15, 5:40am
roflmao, . .

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