youtube freezing OS X

happygirl1000, Apr 15, 9:47am
Any ideas? I can watch video on other sites.

gibler, Apr 15, 9:48am
firefox. . and update Flash. .

happygirl1000, Apr 15, 9:49am

malachiman, Apr 15, 10:11am
do you mean freezing the OS or the video play back is, in which case welcome to NZ internet.

Use safari and go here

avoids flash and uses html5

malcovy, Apr 16, 5:22am
Thank you malachiman I can watch my subscriptions again. I haven't been able to watch for a fortnight once Youtube changed the layout. Absolutely brilliant.

malachiman, Apr 16, 9:46pm
HTML5 = WINflash = fail


malcovy, Apr 23, 2:13am
One of things that is great now with using HTML5 is that I do not have to wait for video to fully load. I normally push play and then once the video starts then push pause so I can watch when its fully loaded ie no stopping and starting. I now push play and its fully loaded and no time wasted.

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