youtube freezing OS X

Any ideas? I can watch video on other sites.

geek_happygirl1000, Apr 15, 9:47 pm

firefox. . and update Flash. .

geek_gibler, Apr 15, 9:48 pm


geek_happygirl1000, Apr 15, 9:49 pm

do you mean freezing the OS or the video play back is, in which case welcome to NZ internet.

Use safari and go here

avoids flash and uses html5

geek_malachiman, Apr 15, 10:11 pm

Thank you malachiman I can watch my subscriptions again. I haven't been able to watch for a fortnight once Youtube changed the layout. Absolutely brilliant.

geek_malcovy, Apr 16, 5:22 pm

HTML5 = WINflash = fail


geek_malachiman, Apr 17, 9:46 am

One of things that is great now with using HTML5 is that I do not have to wait for video to fully load. I normally push play and then once the video starts then push pause so I can watch when its fully loaded ie no stopping and starting. I now push play and its fully loaded and no time wasted.

geek_malcovy, Apr 23, 2:13 pm