Vodafone Vodemstick

kitti, Apr 15, 5:45pm
Hi I am looking at switching my Home phone and Broadband to Vodafone. However we have a Desktop PC and a Laptop which are Networked and share the same Broadband connection currently. If I switc to the above with the stick will I beable to share the Broadband connection still with my Network? ? Thanks in advance for your help! !

gyrogearloose, Apr 15, 7:12pm
Of course. Ask Vodafone to send you a free 4-port modem with wireless G, your laptop probably already has a wireless G component.

squirrel99, Apr 15, 9:18pm
Do you mean that you are switching from home broadband to mobile broadband (a vodem stick)?
Will you still have broadband coming through your phoneline?

Vodems usually just connect to one computer at a time, rather than to a router.

intrade, Apr 15, 9:21pm
vodem i think has asimcard in the usb stick
I am researching itright nowand there is 2 sticksone for prepay
with less power and then the one that sold on plans a vodem pro that has quadband operation and i think the prepayare just tripleband. I wouldpurchase the pro and use on prepay. works like internet on cellphone. any othervodafone will be just Ihug with wired lineasthey purchased Ihugand call it nowvodafoneadsl... . .

radiowaves, Apr 15, 9:22pm
Yes. You can use Internet Connection Sharing ICS, works well here with a t-stick.

mone, Apr 15, 9:58pm
Here's a tip, stay with Homeline broadband. Vodem is expensive, you won't get nearly as much data cap for your dollar, and your connection will be patchy because 3G, even in the middle of Welly or Auckland, signal can drop or fade regularly. However if you need it to be out and about then go hard.

vtecintegra, Apr 15, 10:19pm
3G is pretty solid in Wellington, but is expensive and slow.

If do you want to use the mobile network from home with multiple PCs Vodafone does a product called 'Vodafone Broadband Hotspot '

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