acer problem..

well i dont know whether this is specific to acer but its happened on both acer laptops that i have owned. . perhaps it's the layout but when i type. . somewhere amongst my typing the cursor skips back about a few words and i end up typing in the middle of other words. . very fustrating! ! . . i'm wondering if it has a very sensitive touch mouse pad and that just my thumbs waving over the pad can actually move it. . does any get what im saying? is there a way to fix it other than choppin off me thumbs? , , lol

geek_jussa, Apr 16, 12:20 pm

Use an external mouse and disable the touch pad, happened on my Toshiba alot before i plugged on in.

geek_scotthurst01, Apr 16, 12:21 pm

just dont buy Acer. Try Apple computers instead

geek_grassgrass123, Apr 16, 12:22 pm

maybe it's a key combo?
like [insert] + [shift] = back 3 words?

geek_0800xford, Apr 16, 12:31 pm

random blurting is awesome.

geek_0800xford, Apr 16, 12:34 pm

The Acer Synaptics has many sensitivity settings which you can use to prevent hand brush problems, you do not need to disable the touch pad. And ignore the tedious comments about Apple, they are overpriced and less reliable than many PC models - the reliability issue is inexcusable at the price. See here

geek_smine, Apr 16, 12:56 pm

Or better yet Toshiba - cheaper, just as reliable, and actually has and OS most people are familar with.

geek_rgtrading, Apr 16, 12:59 pm

I sometimes have a similar problem, and thought it was slow processing at that time, so it takes a while for the memory to catch up with my typing? eg not enough memory?

geek_jaez1, Apr 16, 1:22 pm

You should know!

geek_radiowaves, Apr 16, 1:57 pm

more irony

geek_0800xford, Apr 16, 1:58 pm

so how much memory do you have ?

geek_drcspy, Apr 16, 1:59 pm

acer have always been dodgy. overpriced under resourced and horrible parts and appalling tech support

geek_jbpcsolutionstm, May 9, 5:29 pm

Acer didnt start off dodgy, but over the years they now cater for the budget end of the market (not over-priced) and put emphasis on things like dedicated gpu and faster cpu's but sacrificing build quality to do this. Acer own the lower end of the market because of this build quality sacrifice, it makes their lappys appear to have more bang for the buck when comparing advertised specs from places like Harvey Nimrods and Noel Lemmings.

geek_ropes2, May 9, 5:41 pm

Back on topic. I have an Acer with this issue too, my only solution was to turn off the track pad, dialling down sensitivity made no difference to me. This is the sort of area they skimp in when putting these together.

geek_ropes2, May 9, 5:44 pm

Yes - the Acer 5310 does seem to have that issue the OP mentioned.

I almost always used a mouse, but not just for that reason.
Interestingly I just bought a Compaq CQ61, the trackpad is much more user friendly, but I will still use a mouse.

geek_rawill, May 9, 5:54 pm

wtf is with the resurrection? obviously the OP isnt gonna check back a month later...

geek_ropes2, May 9, 5:59 pm

3 years ago I remember I bought an acer aspire m1600. That tin can piece of crap cost me 1600 bucks for a 1. 8mhz celeron 512mb ram and 160gb Harddrive and vista home basic. I was having so many problems with it I wound up taking it back got my money back and I built a better one for 1300 bucks and with better room for upgrading. I've still got my intel machine aswell as a laptop and 3 file servers. Ive also had an AMD machine running as a gaming rig for a while but that crapped out (typical for AMD really) and im in the process of building an intel core I7 machine in the next couple of months. So in all seriousness acer skimp out on basically anything on minimal requirements and they overprice on what you can get for much less. And also their motherboards are just crap. they either overheat, or they just die for some odd reason over time.

geek_jbpcsolutionstm, May 10, 12:36 am

RE: typical for AMD really.

Totally disagree, I have had an awesome run from AMD base computers.

geek_pcfix4u, May 10, 10:17 am

why is jbpcsolutionstm bumping ancient threads all over the place?

geek_0800xford, May 10, 10:27 am

I agree Asus, toshiba and sony are tops. Lots of people cannot handle change, once they are stuck in their ways they dont change. Especially using a totally different OS, bad enough now teaching a lot of people to use windows inside and out and remember how they did it. The day before cause they forget. lol

But by far Acer is the worst, cheap crap.

geek_johnf_456, May 10, 10:47 am

Tell me about, even simple things like drivers and bios updates is hard enough from their site.

geek_johnf_456, May 10, 10:49 am

Likewise, Cpu's rarely break themselves. They are one of the most reliable parts in pc's. RAM, HDD and Motherboards is far more likely to die than a cpu. Rather than just blame AMD cause they are competitor to Intel. .

They are much of a muchness this AMD vs Intel. Like ford vs Holden. So many variations to take into consideration, like what chip vs chip, cache, generation cpu all sorts of things.

geek_johnf_456, May 10, 10:55 am

too much fanboyism. this vs that, Its pathetic.

geek_jbpcsolutionstm, May 13, 2:07 pm

lol you started it... . .

You said AMD were unreliable, and it's not true so of course people are going to speak out.

geek_soodanim, May 13, 2:12 pm

seriously who signs up to trademe only to bump old threads in computing?

shills in action, again...

geek_0800xford, May 13, 2:13 pm