Difficult printer.

ash369, Apr 17, 3:33am
About a couple of years ago I bought a new Dell computer. It works fine but at the time the saleswoman talked me into paying an extra $100 and so I got a Dell 926 printer. It also works as a scanner. Like a fool I gave away my existing printer -- which gave no trub.
However, (it might be me) but the Dell printer has been an absolute pain. Every time I turn it on it goes though automatic tests (uncalled for) printing out test pages in colour and black. So it quickly ran out of ink. A local firm refills cartridges cheaper but immediately the printer reported colour ink was low again. There's no way of seeing if the reservoir was properly filled because Dell's ink containers are opaque -- unlike other companies' ink containers which are transparent. On top of this the print quality is poor. I've put it through cleaning processes etc but there's been no improvement. My wife's computer has an old Canon which has always printed perfectly and the ink reservoirs are transparent and easy to replace, so I transfer work to her pc when I need to print stuff. Is my experience with the Dell printer unique? I only keep it for the scanner.

monsooon, Apr 17, 3:36am
Can't help you there but at least you know now to say 'no' to sales people. I've learnt that the hard way.

drcspy, Apr 17, 3:39am
few printers have transparent carts... ... . as for the test prints etc when you turn it on and the poor quality have you been into the printer menus on the printer itself (if it has any) and or the controlpanel/printers /[your printer]/ properties ?

ash369, Apr 17, 3:49am
Yes and I have done cleaning and aligning as well as the thing taking the law into its own hands and doing this when not called for. Also it tells me it's out of ink when it is not. It suggests the film strip might remain over the nozzle, which it is not. I've used other printers and never had this prob.

gibler, Apr 17, 4:15am
all those cheap inkjets are rubbish...

mrfxit, Apr 17, 4:27am
Presume it's a USB printer, then leave the blessed thing turned on.
Most modern printers are intended to be left ON, some don't even come with power switchs.
As for quility, Drcspy may be on the right track, hard to tell with printers without seeing it.

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