Brother dcp165 printer needs

carolt, Apr 18, 3:42am
Does anyone have a software disk for this printer? Disk was inadvertantly thrown away and have downloaded the driver from the net but there was an error and it didn't download the file (I presume) that works the photcopy function. Grrr. Keeps asking for the disk. Any other ideas?

drcspy, Apr 18, 3:47am
what do you mean the 'photocopy function' this is a function which works even if the printer is not plugged in to the computer.

Please describe EXACTLY what you are trying to do and EXACTLYwhat the error message (if any) says... ... . and yes I DO have the disk somewhere but it's quite unnecessary because brother have the right drivers etc on their website...

rgtrading, Apr 18, 8:36pm
If you give us some more info maybe we can help!

Go to and download drivers there.

daashyte, Apr 18, 10:49pm
this may help also


drcspy, Apr 19, 1:29am
you're pretty damn stupid 'bumping' this thread if you cant even be bothered replying to my questions... ... ... .

how the hell can we help if you dont provide information... ... . .

carolt, Apr 19, 3:06am
I did reply... ... but for some reason it isn't on here. I go to work so am not always able to look here. Thanks for info site. My daughter has copied the disk from her computer so hopefully it will help. I will go and have a look at it tomorrow and see if I can see why the copier isn't working. It's only been used a few times so shouldn't have worn out yet. LOL

drcspy, Apr 19, 3:58am
gawd... ... .

let me suggest that when you reply you CHECK if it shows up after you've cliked the 'post message' button... . .

drcspy, Apr 19, 4:00am
and any which way you still havent answered the questions which are not asked lightly. I dont mind helping people and giving away my knowledge and time... ... . . but not when they dont aid themselves... .

carolt, Apr 19, 9:24am
drcspy... ... ... ... . why are YOU so angry? ? ? ? ? ? ? You didn't have to look at my question.

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