1080i vs 1080p

badboy12345, Apr 18, 8:10am
Is there a noticeable difference between these two? I understand that 1080p is full hd but 1080i must be very close.

morrisman1, Apr 18, 8:11am
from my understanding, 1080p was a more natural image.

puddleduck00, Apr 18, 8:13am
1080i is interlaced, 1080p is not... ... Visually I would consider 1080i on a par with 720p.

gibler, Apr 18, 8:23am
Disagree. . on a native 1080 LCD it looks far better as it isn't scaled.

puddleduck00, Apr 18, 8:34am
I guess they're two different kettles of fish, so I guess I can't call them equal. Progessive is much better for movies with heaps of motion and sports.

peter148, Apr 18, 3:29pm
Agreed. If you have to choose betweem 780p or 1080i then go for 780p.

jeremy_74, Apr 18, 8:41pm
They both have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

1080p is progressive. 50fps for Pal although most Blu-ray's are 24fps.

Digital display's can display a progressive signal, but not all can do 24fps and will repeat frames to get 50.

1080i is interlaced which means the frames are split into half frames or fields, with 1 field containing half a frame and the next containing the other half.

Most Digital display's cannot display a interlaced signal, so it must be deinterlaced first, giving 25 full frames.

720p is 1280 x 720 pixels and is progressive.

Some TV's can accept a 1080i signal but not a 1080p signal, but are just downscaling the 1080i signal to 720p.

gasaxe, Apr 18, 10:21pm
I bought a newlcd tv last week and did considerable googling first.
The general consensus was to forget (i) or interlaced and go for (p) progressive. Under 40" for a tv you will not notice the difference between 720p and 1080p but the 32" Sony I bought had 1080p anyway plus freeview and it is magic.

jeremy_74, Apr 19, 5:08am
I've seen websites make that claim also but in my own experience I would disagree.

TV3 on Freeview HD is the only channel broadcast as 1080i. TV1 & 2 are 720p and the rest are 576i.

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