internet explorer vs mozilla firefox question.

mikeynz13, Apr 18, 8:47am
why has my computer been so crappy recently on explorer yet now goes as good as new on firefox, ? well for now anyway, i dont want to hear because explorer is crap but why so sluggish on that browser, it makes my computer go like its ready for the bin, is there a reason?

0800xford, Apr 18, 9:02am
which version of ie?
have you installed any third party extensions or 'add ons'?
you could try resetting it to it's defaults.

r.g.nixon, Apr 18, 9:04am
IE is slower anyway.
And you probably have extra toolbars. And you may have too much history, too large a cache or some malware. IE attracts malware better than Firefox does.

mikeynz13, Apr 18, 9:16am
ie8 downloaded just a day or two back , no different than before , as for my history usually clean them out fairly often no extensions much , may go back and restore defaults setting as well , its not the fact that it freezez on pages and slow as crap its the thought that the puter may be stuffed , have also done spybot malware check too.

smiley4, Apr 18, 9:54am
try google chrome. Its fast and awesome

erwins69, Apr 18, 9:57am
Or give ccleaner a run to clear out any file-overcrowding, free from

project_gundam, Apr 18, 11:14am
AGreed. Moved from 15years of IE to Chrome. .

icioufa, Apr 18, 6:34pm
Here's Sriron same as Chrome but without the built in spyware it has when you install it... php

here's Opera too,
you can install as many browsers as you like then try them all before selecting the one you like the best

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