Help pleeeeeeease - re: need system restore

junipergirl, Apr 19, 12:35pm
Okay, so not sure what happened but my start and menu bar have gone-ski! ... virus maybe but I'm not sure how to do a system restore without them. Can someone please help... . ? ? ? I've tried googling but there doesn't seem to be a fix yet. Tried system restoring through safe mode but it won't let me :o(I've just bought this and am ready to throw it against the wall :o(

rushka, Apr 19, 12:59pm
Can you put cursor at bottom edge of screen so its shape changes to an arrow with two points (up/down), click and drag your menu bar back up?

junipergirl, Apr 19, 1:06pm
Hi rushka, thanks for feedback. Yup... . have tried that and everything else. I've just bought this 2nd hand so I don't even have a backup disc to reinstall :o(

jcmp21, Apr 19, 1:08pm
is explorer. exe running? try looking in the task manager and see if its there if its not try starting explorer. exe.

Might be barking up the wrong tree but worth a shot i guess.

ropes2, Apr 19, 1:12pm
what operating system are you using?

Try and change the screen resolution in case it's off screen.

junipergirl, Apr 19, 1:23pm
Thanks guys. Yes explorer. exe is running and I've tried changing resolution and moving it around but they've got AWOL! :O(

junipergirl, Apr 19, 1:24pm

ropes2, Apr 19, 1:31pm
what happens when you press the windows key on your keyboard?

junipergirl, Apr 19, 1:35pm
Nada... zilch! I must have picked up a bug because it was all going great earlier :o( totally gutted!

junipergirl, Apr 19, 1:40pm
I don't suppose someone could help me out and let me know how I find out if I've changed the admin rights correctly... ? ? ?

ropes2, Apr 19, 1:47pm
Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but in control panel, there's a taskbar and start menu option. Open that and ensure that the 'keep taskbar on top of other windows' is checked. Then click 'customise' and click 'restore to default'.

If this doesnt work, try setting up a new user profile and log into that.

Also d/l 'ccleaner' and 'malwarebytes' (just google them to get their d/l pages) and run your antivirus in safe mode if it will let you. (before running ccleaner, make sure you know your autosaved passwords as it will delete these).

ferita, Apr 19, 7:31pm
Try running a scan with A Squared
See what it picks up. It may fix the problem. Get back to us after and I will help you some more

junipergirl, Apr 20, 7:28am
Hey all. thanks everyone so much for all their responses. borrowed an xp disc from a mate, reinstalled but ended up having probs with ethernet card. My friend and her hubby (a genius computer tech) and apparently it's all fixed... . Yay!

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