Adobe cs3 Flash in cs4

beney128, Apr 20, 6:35am
Hi All. I need to to download Adobe Flash CS3 trial but i can't find one anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated :)

lilyfield, Apr 20, 6:54am

beney128, Apr 20, 7:44am
ive tried that, when you click the link it goes to the adobe website which is showing cs5

lilyfield, Apr 20, 8:14am
yes-- looks like its not available any more, you can get cs4 though

try thishttp://www.photoshopsuppor-

beney128, Apr 20, 8:33am
i would but only problem is i need cs3 because the file i have is cs3 and will not open in cs4 and i no longer have cs3 :(

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