Canon MP140 Printer not working Windows 7

dice4, Apr 21, 5:57am
Used to work on vista, I've lost the cd but have the correct drivers from the canon website. The scanner part of the printer works fine (I can scan to the computer) Windows driver update fails when it tries to automatically install the drivers too. I've googled heaps and cant find any answers. Help please? (I've restarted computer and printer, tried an older driver etc)

puffydawg, Apr 21, 6:25am
uninstall all the canon software off your computer, unplug your printer and reboot windows, then install the windows 7 drivers and when the software tells you to plug the printer in during the installation do so then it will sort out the usb communication issues you are having to the print spooler.

dice4, Apr 21, 6:57am
I've done just that. A few times actually lol. When plugging in printer (when installation says to do so) then turning it on windows update still pops up to install the drivers. It tries and fails. It installs USB printer support fine, then it fails on installing the mp140 drivers. Device manager shows the printer as an unknown device, but shows up the scanner part correctly. In the 'Devices and Printers' folder it shows the scanner, and the printer as a Inkjet Multifunction printer, with a ! mark on it. Ive gone through the troubleshooting options when right clicking on the printer option also. USB printers are just meant to work these days! lol

drcspy, Apr 21, 3:32pm
many versions of 7 have 'xp virtualisation' ... ... . see if your's has

dice4, Apr 22, 8:50am
it doesn't but am currently downloading it. I'll post results. Cheers!

dice4, Apr 22, 8:54am
ha, will have to work on that one as the download requires Windows validation tool to be downloaded too. And that's not going to happen

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