3G and 3G Extended....

I'm looking on the Vodafone coverage map and where I live now, I can get 3G Extended coverage (900MHz), but in the middle of town, I CAN'T get it, but there is 3G coverage though (2100MHz). . If I buy (take for example an iPhone), and it's on the 900MHz setting, does it automatically flick over to 2100MHz frequency or what? It says I could only get 25% signal (on the coverage map), and apparently that percentage MAY NOT be able to send text messages.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:09 pm

I'm in a low signal area where it is near impossible to have a conversation via mobile but texts can be sent and recieved if the phone is in particular spots, with only one bar signal. Surprisingly, I can get 3G internet coverage too. Best idea is to place the phone in best spot (on a certain window sill for me) and send texts or get internet on your bluetooth enabled PC via Nokia PC Suite (only if you have a Nokia phone and Vodafone).

Don't know about the different 3Gs or different frequencies. My mobile works at most places in my extensive travels - from out at sea (Nelson) to mid-city Auckland

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 6:17 pm

Switching between the frequencies happens automatically there isn't a setting as such. The only gothca is if the phone can only do one or other of the frequencies. The iPhone 3G can do both so you'll be fine.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 21, 6:19 pm

OK thanks, yeah, may be 97% of coverage, and unfortunately, it still counts as coverage if you can only just send a text in some places. Hmm, may put off switching to Vodafone for quite a while longer. 2 Degrees may be an option, but looks pretty expensive for texting.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:27 pm

Which leads me to a question. Is there any good cell boosters for iphones? , Ive seen cell boosters online but with so many different carriers and types its quite hard to qork out.

geek_jcmp21, Apr 21, 6:29 pm

The problem is the iPhone does not support 900MHz UTMS. You will still have a regular 2G signal, but will not have 3G outside the main coverage area.

If you're dead set on an iPhone consider the Telecom network.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 21, 6:31 pm

I was actually thinking about an HTC Desire or Nexus One, and those phones aren't available on the XT network, although I hear the Desire is coming out in a different version to suit the frequency XT uses.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:34 pm

Yep, here in Dunedin, often my iPhone is switched to Edge, which is horrible for data, its very patchy here and some places I get neither 3g or edge, moving to XT soon.

geek_malachiman, Apr 21, 6:35 pm

Rahto, according to the coverage map, I have no 3G where I live - but I have! ! !

I have cover where Telecom doesn't in many areas - like here (up a valley in Nelson), or at French Pass where I often holiday, or out in my boat, etc. I recommend Vodafone and Nokia.

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 6:42 pm

Hrm yeah... It's a real shame you can't borrow an iPhone (closest thing to Nexus One) for an hour or so to see if it works where you live... If I could do that, and I had coverage, I would definately get it.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:47 pm

So there are people out there actively wanting to be on the XT network? ? ? ? ? ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 6:49 pm

1) Because there is no coverage with other providers
2) Most of my contacts are on Telecom.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:50 pm

But you said in #1 that you have extended 3G coverage with Vodafone where you live?

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 6:54 pm

They also said they wanted an iPhone.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 21, 6:55 pm

OK what I meant in the post just above, is that XT has BETTER coverage. Sorry.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 6:57 pm

Not sure why you asked the question about Vodafone then... ... . .

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 7:02 pm

Because I was essentially asking if it switches between 900MHz and 2100MHz, which I got an answer for. After, I was discussing my options.

geek_rahto, Apr 21, 7:04 pm

Seems like you have made up your mind. Good luck.

geek_ladeda, Apr 21, 7:06 pm

You can get mini broadband> cellphone AP's in the states, apprently vodafone was testing them here.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 21, 8:00 pm