Can you buy Apple laptops duty free?

carolynscraps, Apr 22, 5:07am
Does anyone know if you can buy Apple laptops duty free when travelling overseas? .

mone, Apr 22, 5:52am
Our apples are still banned in Aussie

dougstringer, Apr 22, 7:15am
Yes, but there is no duty on them in NZ.

rgtrading, Apr 22, 7:19am
If you bought it while overseas you wouldn't pay duty or gst when you took it back (unless you declared it), but you would still pay local taxes. As for buying them from a duty free shop, they may not have them or allow them as there are limits on how much you can buy.

sinbad22, Apr 22, 7:33am
You can in singapore . There is a apple store in the duty free area at changi airport

rgtrading, Apr 22, 7:55am
Well my advice would be to unwrap it etc so it doesn't look like you just bought it, and avoid and hassle at customs here.

simp1060, Apr 22, 10:13pm

these guys give you the option of having shipped direct from Hawaii - tax free

ropes2, Apr 22, 10:17pm
? ? ? customs will hold it until you pay NZ duty for it.

malachiman, Apr 23, 12:03am
No GST is still on the item, they act as the agent for the tax, if you re-read what they are saying you dont pay tax on the freight! just the product

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