Adobe Reader

37_south, Apr 22, 5:23am
Keep getting a message: adobe reader cannot openthe message.
Operating Windows 7, Windows explorer 8

0800xford, Apr 22, 5:24am
interesting, second one of these today [i think]

0800xford, Apr 22, 5:27am
what are you trying to open?
can you post a link to it for us to try.

like this: http://www.irs. gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4. pdf

37_south, Apr 22, 5:28am
refering to documents, which were able to be read before. Suddenly , about 4 days ago , I cannot read them anymore. Tried uninstall AdobeReader and reinstall did not make any difference.

0800xford, Apr 22, 5:30am
adobe reader is awful software for reading . pdf files
try sumatra: http://blog. kowalczyk. info/software/sumatrapdf/index.html

37_south, Apr 22, 5:34am
re 3
don`t know how to post link. sorry not that pc conversant.

0800xford, Apr 22, 5:36am
you have . pdf files on your computer that you can't read, correct?

0800xford, Apr 22, 6:54am
try sumatra: http://blog. kowalczyk. info/software/sumatrapdf/index.html

did you do this? don't make me pull my teeth out

37_south, Apr 22, 6:57am
yes I`ve tried it . Did not work for me.

0800xford, Apr 22, 6:58am
http://www.irs. gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4. pdf

can you open this file?

0800xford, Apr 22, 7:01am
where did the file you can't open come from?
have you noticed how i'm repeating myself?

37_south, Apr 22, 7:03am
E-mailed notes from meetings.

0800xford, Apr 22, 7:05am
can other people open the same file?
what happens when you try to open it with sumatra?

37_south, Apr 22, 7:07am
yes other people can.
sumatra cannot open.

0800xford, Apr 22, 7:10am
ok well something is wrong with your copy of the file or your system [you know this already]

is the file saved to your computer or still attached to the email?

37_south, Apr 22, 7:14am
saved to computer(my documents)

0800xford, Apr 22, 7:18am
if you right click on it and have a look at the properties, do you have permission to open it?

37_south, Apr 22, 7:21am
Sorry 0800todd, have to leave now. Will keep you updated tomorrow.

0800xford, Apr 22, 7:22am
0800todd? ha ha that's a new one Ewald

37_south, Apr 23, 5:09am
thanks to all of you, you did your best(especially 0800todd) to help me, to no avail. Might have to go further afield to solve my problem.

37_south, Apr 23, 5:12am
0800 do you do house calls?

37_south, Apr 23, 5:26am
All fixed now, THANK YOU for putting up with all this.

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