acer aspire

rthomas80, Apr 23, 12:44am
5000 since putting windows xp back on my laptop my bluetooth is not working i have downloaded the driver where do i download the bluetooth device to make it work? i have searched lots and had no luck t. i. a

drcspy, Apr 23, 12:46am
You're not making sense... ... .

you downloaded the driver - did you INSTALL it ?

amieward, Apr 23, 12:47am
you didnt use the recovery CD or inbuilt recovery?
If you go to control panel is there a bluetooth icon? if you go to device manager can you see any devices with a red exclamation mark?

drcspy, Apr 23, 12:48am
etooth_Widcomm_3. 0. 1. 904_XPx86. zip? acerid=633638195727382803

that's the driver link

rthomas80, Apr 23, 12:52am
it says bluetooth device not found and i installed the driver with my wireless i had two download two different wireless things

drcspy, Apr 23, 12:53am
it's a zip file... . . download/unzip... . . th-
en run 'setup. exe'

0800xford, Apr 23, 1:14am
that always cracks me up

rthomas80, Apr 23, 1:19am
theres no fn key to turn it on the button is beside my wireless one and it doesnt turn on when you push it when i downloaded my wireless driver i had to download two different things the wireless driver and broadcom utility brefore it worked. it has the bluetooth symbol but it says device not detected

drcspy, Apr 23, 1:30am
so that driver link I posted ... ... is that the one you already had downloaded or not ?

and if not have you gone and downloaded it ? and tried to install it ?

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