laser printer roller check pagepro

domaine, Apr 24, 3:09am
i have a laser printer, functions ok but now a computer chip tells printer that toner has run out so will only print first page. to refill toner cartridge is cheap enough but if print roller is worn then spending money on it is a waste. so what do i look for to determine if the roller is worn? will any toner work? how do i replace the chip to a new 6000 page chip ? thankyou

malachiman, Apr 24, 3:11am
You need to go to the message board topic list and scroll down for

"Crystal Ball Computer Solving"

They are really good at solving solutions with no information.

Thanks and good luck.

d.snell, Apr 24, 3:11am
PagePro what?

gibler, Apr 24, 3:16am
are these questions . . or a stream of consciousness. ?

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 24, 3:19am
IT depends what the roller is, if its just a stuffed paper pick up roller it should be cheap, but if by roller you mean fuser then it may well not be worth fixing.

d.snell, Apr 24, 3:35am
Was a question. Helps to have the model number and preferably the Toner Cartridge Assembly number, then they will get an answer :-)

domaine, Apr 24, 4:05am
thankyou malachman, funny but my surname is crystal or similar .
specifially i would like to know how to determine if the roller needs replaceing or will last as is another 2000 pages or more.

domaine, Apr 24, 4:08am
konica page pro 1300 w toner cartridge model 4518 .
thankyou all for your interest in assisting me.

d.snell, Apr 24, 4:26am
Black Toner 200g (6, 000 Pages) $25
Smartchip $18. 50
Doctor Blade $18. 50
Drum Roller & Gears $55
Developer Roller Sleeve $62
Toner Hopper Plug $1
Blue Cartridge Handle $2. 10

Remanufacturing Instructions
W_Toner_Summit_Web. pdf

Or replacement reconditioned Cartridge$157. 60


d.snell, Apr 24, 4:30am
If the Drum Roller and the developer roller sleeve are still ok, then just the chip, toner and plug are needed. Usually drums and rollers should do 2 Toner cycles at a minimum.

domaine, Apr 24, 4:33am
thankyou. and where or who supplies these? im manawatu area.

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