advice please. I cant access kiwibank intenet bank

_lady.penelope, Apr 24, 8:05am
for the last two days. They suggested it is my explorer 8. So i downloaded firefox. Which they suggested. Have emptied my cache cookes and temp files. But still not able to access. web site is working and others can gain access.
Any suggestions apart from change bank that I can try from this end.

jcmp21, Apr 24, 8:10am
whats the error? like what is actually happening?

_lady.penelope, Apr 24, 8:20am
After doing the log in pages it juet keeps telling me the site is temp unavailable. only problem is its been like that for two days and no one else is having problems.

drcspy, Apr 24, 8:28am
it could be an issue wiht your isp... . . how do you connect ? Broadband or dialup ?

_lady.penelope, Apr 24, 8:31am

_lady.penelope, Apr 24, 8:32am
Im all the yrs ive been using a data card or vodem ive never had a problem.

mr-word, Apr 24, 10:43am
Make sure you have adobe flash 10 installed for browser.

mattnzw, Apr 24, 10:57am
Have you tried logging in on another computer using your details. Sounds like it could potentially be a number of reasons, but the kiwibank staff should be able to help you figure out what it is, as it is their system.

jcmp21, Apr 24, 10:59am
just leave you username and password with me ill have it all sorted for you once I've safely arrived in Rio

trial_by_fire, Apr 24, 1:54pm
is the date on your computer correct?

jcmp21, Apr 24, 2:58pm
I think that would be throwing up a certificate error if it was.

linzis, Apr 24, 8:12pm
Unusual that Firefox would not work either.
I would also ring Kiwibank again, to make sure that there are no holds on your account in anyway, preventing you from logging in.

smine, Apr 25, 2:55am
If you are clicking on a favourite or other stored link to access the bank, try keying the URL address instead, or Google it and if it loads correctly, then save that link as a quick access. I have heard of outdated links affecting just a few people.

squirrel99, Apr 25, 3:00am
I had a user with a problem with firefox not loading ANZ Internet banking pages - would login and then as soon as the user tried to view an account or anything it timed out - turned out to be a firefox add-on that was causing the problem, it was a while back but for some reason I think it may have been the skype add-on... might be worth checking

kiwibanknz, Apr 25, 8:16pm
Hi there,

Sorry to hear of your problems.

If you'd like us to investigate this further please contact Kiwibank at and provide your access number, date and the time of day that you attempted to log in.

It would also be useful to know if you have successfully logged into Kiwibank internet banking from another PC.

We should be able to sort out your problem.

Kind Regards,


little_egypt, Apr 25, 9:39pm
LOL btw you just broke the message board rules by posting contact details ;)

wilson0011, Apr 25, 10:14pm
Hey I think its awesome they're (kiwibank) are ofering to help out directly, its not a personal contact email, its a genearic general one for good service! Go kiwibank I say

timmo1, Apr 26, 1:04am
Indeed- V. Impressed.

guest, Oct 27, 9:49pm
The system to log on used to be simple- I have tried for ages this morning and ask for it to be returned to the user-friendly one it was -thanks

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