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matthewc17, Apr 24, 9:37am
Is anyone on slingshot having problems logging in to your account on their website? It was fine yesterday but since this morning I am unable to log in. Also when I open my mail program (Windows Mail) instead of receiving my emails it pops up with a Windows Security box asking to 'verify username and password are correct for your mail server'. I've never encounted this before. After entering my details the box just pops back up as if they were wrong. It's really annoying as I need to receive my emails and I can't use webmail because I can't log in to the slingshot site...

0800xford, Apr 24, 9:45am

no problems here, auckland, firefox, linux

0800xford, Apr 24, 10:09am
wow spooky! i just lost my connection for about 5 minutes

angel404, Apr 24, 10:11am
no probs here either

linzis, Apr 24, 8:14pm
No problems here either

deodar, Apr 24, 9:16pm
A jack in the box.

guest, Jun 26, 8:02am
Whats this?Every time I go to send an email with slingshot it says-an error occured.The mail server sent an incorrect greating and goes on to say -network refusing smtp connections.

pamela., Aug 8, 10:22pm
I have great difficulty connecting to my email via slingshot even when I have gone to internet, Why? am thinking of trying another provider.

guest, Sep 12, 3:18am
every time i go on my email it says
your email will not work

guest, Sep 12, 3:19am
there is always a promble with my slingshot email

guest_graeme, Sep 28, 7:07pm
slingshot getting bader by the minute

guest, Oct 22, 2:59am
I have tried about 20 times in the last 2 days to send a video clip (6127kb) on my slingshot broadband and a message pops up saying "Your SMPT server has not responded. do you want to wait another 5 minutes". I have just found out from one of the recipients that he has received it about 20 times but it is still in my "OUT BOX" and not in my "SENT BOX". I am in big trouble with a lot of people>

colleen, Mar 7, 5:19am
"Sorry about the delay (4 minutes) we thank you for your patience". This patience ran out after 64 minutes on hold. Can you please ring me on 07 377 2118. I have had a problem with out internet connection to slingshot for some time now and have not had an opportunity to give you a call until now. Then I can't talk to you because you are obviously busy on other problem calls.

guest, Mar 10, 12:35pm
Quick to take your money VERY Slow to help !!!!

guest, Jul 7, 9:45am
I can't seem to get on to thepage that lets me open up to access the site. Very unhappy.

guest, Oct 7, 9:41pm
why do my emails keep returning to me and cant problem b expl in plain lang

guest, Jan 6, 4:43am
Hi, why is it I am not receiving emails which people have sent to me? what can I do to sort out this problem? Can you please help me.

guest, Mar 19, 12:42am
why cannot i receive my emails?

exasperated!, Sep 6, 8:35am
We were [loyal] Slingshot contract customers for years with relatively few problems.We had to give up the contract because we are in the process of moving house,,,meanwhile we try to manage with an email only plan using webmail.WELL, it's been one problem after another...unable to delete,can't login at all tonight...Seriously thinking of changing to another ISP when we settle...

guest, Sep 20, 2:51am
Slingshot sucks at the moment. I cannot log in easily and when I am able to I cannot reopen emails.

guest, Sep 20, 4:47am
who n their right mind would sign up with these phone spammers?

guest, Oct 28, 11:48pm
I have been trying to log into my email account "not Happening WHY??"

brassed_off_kiwi, Nov 27, 8:57am
brassed off 10/20 different attempts to access my web mail still no success me thinks time to find another provider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guest, Apr 20, 2:46am
not using web mail slingshot for very long time ,show please how to get rid of 18oo in one go from two years previous

evelyn, Nov 4, 10:00pm
c/an't get in my email /my slingshot no is 71678813 from Evelyn Smith evelynlex@slingshot Help

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