HP Mini 210 $490 at DSE

flewy, Apr 24, 10:25pm
shite tempting as. .

badcam, Apr 24, 11:48pm
You know you want it.

shaun16, Apr 24, 11:50pm
depends if the stores have any. i went to get one, they only had the display one left and it was being held for someone

mattnzw, Apr 25, 1:11am
not as good as the $288 deal HN had at xmas

rua69, Apr 25, 1:47am
That was a sweet deal. Too bad not everyone was able to take advantage of it.

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 1:50am
People went through this with Harvey Norman and the $288 sale. If you jump up and down enough you should be able to get one.

Otherwise order online from dse.co.nz, although its out of stock it says they WILL order for you.

shaun16, Apr 25, 2:34am
yea im not worried anyway, i got a way better laptop including a digital camera for $610 including freight from an online store

mattnzw, Apr 26, 4:01am
Laptops are way more usable than netbooks anyway. The only advanmtage a netbook has is the smaller dimensions, but the standard battery on those hp minis doesn't last that long.

rawill, Apr 26, 5:24am
Horses for courses, netbooks, mini laptops are great when travelling.

malachiman, Apr 26, 5:26am
Is a $600 laptop really that much better than a netbook ;-)

malachiman, Apr 26, 5:34am
Bond+Bond flyer has an HP 10. 1" for $499, The model number they list 108245 does not match the one listed on their website for the Mini 210

ctnz, Apr 26, 5:42am
That's why I would be a little suspect of the HP the battery life of their netbooks has been rather disappointing

flewy, Apr 26, 5:48am
some people are just clueless , its not a laptop so dont even compare.

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