Ethernet to phone line adapter

motherofpearl2, Apr 25, 1:45am

My house as ethernet sockets in every room. I would like to plug my telephone into one of these. Does anyone know if I can buy an adapter to make this possible?

Thanks for any advise!

squirrel99, Apr 25, 1:49am
You can probably buy an adapter to plug an electric razor into an ethernet socket but it sure as f&^% isn't gonna work.

motherofpearl2, Apr 25, 1:52am
Why won't it work, I can plug a ethernet adapter into a phone plug and that works, it is just the reverse of that... isn't it?

0800xford, Apr 25, 1:55am
it's not an adapter, it's a filter.

vtecintegra, Apr 25, 2:01am
Depending on how your wiring is set up it can probably be done.

You'll probably need a tech to make up some adapters for each end though as they're not really an off the shelf part

squirrel99, Apr 25, 2:05am
The cables running through the walls to the ethernet ports are not likely to be phone cables - they will be ethernet cables... I imagine they would all link up to a central place where you would put your router.

I can't imagine how they have anything to do with phone wiring at all really.

logo, Apr 25, 2:16am
Just get a cordless phone

motherofpearl2, Apr 25, 2:18am
Thanks for the suggestions! I must have a router in the wall somewhere. Will just wire a new phone jack I guess.

squirrel99, Apr 25, 2:20am
The router will only be there if you put it there... .

spyware, Apr 25, 3:48am
Your RJ45 data outlets will run back to a patch panel and maybe an Ethernet switch (you should know). In order to have analog phone service on one of these runs you would obviously need it patched to a phoneline.

little_egypt, Apr 25, 4:33am
Some real bright sparks around here. You can very easily run phone through cat5+RJ45 connectors. At the patch panel you use an RJ45-to-RJ12 or BT lead (or whatever else your phone system/PABX uses) and at the wall you plug in a RJ45 to BT adapter. jpg

Alternatively you can leave all the plugs connected to the switch, set up something like Asterix and use SIP phones or ATA adapters. jpg

mark.p, Apr 25, 4:39am
If it has RJ12 and RJ45 sockets its a filter/splitter which is effectively an adapter.

little_egypt, Apr 25, 4:48am
There's nothing to filter. The single-pair phone analog phone signal just goes straight through on one pair of the cat5. The rest are usually unused (you could do four phones on one jack if you wanted but you'd have to wire your own leads to do it)

squirrel99, Apr 25, 4:55am
Cool, I didn't know that! The only houses I have seen with RJ45 connections had everything separate (or at least that's what I was told)


d.snell, Apr 25, 4:57am
Also, most internal phone wiring uses cat5 cable anyway. Contractors haven't used the old 4, 6 or 8way phone cable for zonks. . Phone over Ethernet is very common and easy. Use the blue/Blue White pair for phone (that's what it was originally reserved for). If your installer has used the correct colour scheme, these should be the 2 Centre wires on the socket (pins 4&5). If not, then use whatever they have used.

jamjars05, Apr 25, 5:48am
so where do they all go back to?
somewhere (in the roof space, a cupboard, the garage) there will be the other ends of all those sockets.
then you can (with the correct plugs) patch a feed from your phone circuit, to the cable of choice. using the correct adaptors you can actually use that cable for phone and data at the same time.

d.snell, Apr 25, 6:09am
Will be terminated on a Patch Panel somewhere. Doubt it would be in the roof space. I would think in a Utility or Services cupboard or if a two storey house, under the stairs. Time to go searching :-)

motherofpearl2, Apr 25, 7:47am
Thanks everyone, should be able to do it then! GREAT.

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