Domain Printer - Stuck on Paused for one user.

tyaddict, Apr 25, 3:20am
I have a interesting problem. Our photocopier which staff print to is pausing all jobs for only one user.

User is using Xp, have reinstalled the driver from toishiba. Checked server side permissions (added name and given all permissions as well, deny permissions dont exist). Can print fine to other network printers.

Can maually un-pause the jobs one at a time, but this is not ideal.

Can not unpause the jobs from other computers - including server. We did have a corpted driver for this printer over the hoildays, but this was fixed.

Any ideas?

dunedin_ree, Apr 25, 3:22am
Is it a setting in their printer prefs?

tyaddict, Apr 25, 3:24am
Reinstalling the driver and the printer wiped all preferences. Settings/preferences are taken from the server and no one else is having this issue.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 25, 5:31am
Try direct printing to the printers IP and see what happens.

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