1gb download coming to WOnga-ray!!! Hay hay hay!!!

1gb download coming to WOnga-ray!!! Hay hay hay!!! Anyone know when Telstra will actually make it available to the consumer? Likewise, Telecom. I understand Telecom will be rolling it out to the consumer before Xmas according to my local rag.

geek_badcam, May 6, 6:18 pm

Re... you are talking about adsl2+ plus i assume?I gather that it IS in parts of Auckland allready

geek_peepme, May 6, 6:23 pm

Re... i have heard of Fongaray,where is Wongaray ?just kidding.Oh Fong and Wong are chinese brothers arnt they..

geek_peepme, May 6, 6:26 pm

No. Northpower have install a bucketload of Fibre optic cable all the way out to Hikurangi. 1gb/s download. No bull. They're using a technology called Wave7, an ethernet passive optical network. They'll be starting shortly with schools and other places. Consumers next.

geek_badcam, May 6, 6:29 pm

Ummm 1gb/s I wonder what the data caps will be?
you could exceed most plans by lunchtime!

geek_chris.kingston, May 6, 6:32 pm

Re... in some cases adsl2+ will be afster.In my case i am on 512/512 so it will be three times as fast as that.I am getting actual download speed of about 930kbps at the moment so will be about three times that speed when i get adsl2+.So i am almost getting close to getting 1G speed at the moment anyway

geek_peepme, May 6, 6:33 pm

5. Too true. I guess I'll just have to twiddle my thumbs most of the week, or count grains of salt.

geek_badcam, May 6, 6:34 pm

1gbps would be nice if it was constant. One normal adsl here. (not 2+) the best i've had is 986kbps. on ubuntu when it was updating itself (about 400mb of files). that was 4 months ago on xnet.

geek_charles.j, May 6, 6:38 pm

What makes me laugh about the article I read is that a Telecom spokesman said that the highest speed they had available in Wonga-ray right now was 20MB/s. When I called Telecom to confirm, they told me that the only had ADSL 1.0. Liars? If not, whose getting the ADSL2+ up here right now?

geek_badcam, May 6, 6:38 pm

Re... telecom did have an adsl2+ info page with what areas had it allready but that info is not there right now in fact there ISN'T any damb info.I saw the adsl2+ link on the telescum website i think or might be the nzadsl website,one of the two anyway

geek_peepme, May 6, 6:43 pm

Yea not sure when its all go though for adsl2+ my exchange has been activated as adsl2+ but its not at the speed. still at 7.8mbps connection or whatever it is for normal dsl

geek_charles.j, May 6, 8:55 pm

I'd be chuffed if they just skipped the ADSL2+ and went straight to 1gb here. If both Telecom are introducing 1gb the the consumer before the year end, then Telstra will have to shift their target date, I'm guessing.

geek_badcam, May 6, 9:07 pm

Peepme you are getting nowhere near 1gbps. 1 gbps is around 250 mbytes/sec, which I very much doubt consumers will be in their homes. adsl2+ is what.. 24mbps?.. so 3 mbytes/sec

geek_woogmo, May 6, 9:22 pm

..... i'd be happy with a constant 1.2mbps download speed or so. i'm struggling to hit 40kbps atm. xnet has bad international capcaity or something like that.

geek_charles.j, May 6, 9:25 pm

I fought 1gbps = 1024mps but I will stand corrected.

geek_casey46, May 7, 8:12 pm

15. That's what I thought too.

geek_badcam, May 7, 9:14 pm