fordcrzy, Apr 26, 11:50am
We have just got a TX550w printer and want it as a network printer but i cant get it set up properly. we want it wireless to the router. then the laptop is wireless to the router and my PC is wired to the router... how the hell do i set up the printer? ? ? ? i can't even see the printer on the network when i look in the router setup area? ?

drcspy, Apr 26, 3:27pm
check the printer menus for IP range settings and etc... . and RTFM

smoothjazz, Apr 26, 5:39pm
You should install the supplied software on ALL of your PCs/Laptops and it will manage to detect the printer and hook it as a networked printer.

spyware, Apr 26, 6:19pm
Most likely absolute crap. How can software connect to a printer that isn't on the network. Surely any logical person would manually configure printer with IP address, encryption type and passphrase.

kevin16, Apr 26, 6:59pm

fordcrzy, Apr 26, 7:19pm
tried to configure from the printer but it doesnt seem to be seen i can't manually set the IP from the printer and when ever i hook up the usb lead top program it . it just thinks that i want to use the USB to print... AAAARRRGH

cybertao, Apr 26, 7:36pm
Cool, print this out then.
http://tech. asp? ProductID

kevin16, Apr 26, 8:05pm
that may look a bit intimidating , but its not if you can read, . .

fordcrzy, Apr 27, 7:27am
the problem is that i want wireless to the router. . NOT a computor! the only option it seems to give me is WIRED to the router or wireless to a PC... . . its driving me nuts trying to get it to connect wirelessly to the router. is there any way to search for the printer from the dynalink 4 port raouter? ?

badcam, Apr 27, 7:19pm
So what IP address have you assigned to your Wireless Printer?

What IP address is set for your Router?

badcam, Apr 27, 7:30pm
Yes. You have to use a PC that's connected to the Router. You then need to follow Cyber's instructions.

Take it step by step and come here if you have any questions.

fordcrzy, Apr 29, 5:17am
SORTED! it turns out that the setup disk was using "epson port" as the friggen port for the network and not the TCP/IP port. of course this wasnt in the epson setup or in the help section. How F***EN dumb is it to not give you a TCP option when networking! ! ! ! ! ! ! AAAARRRGGGHHH! set up the TCP/IP and all is sweet.

guest, May 21, 5:27pm

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