Incredimail outgoing server problems

Incredimail outgoing server problems...Help please Socket Error: 10061 , Port: 7362, Protocol: SMTP.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.


geek_karl110, May 6, 7:17 pm

Re... you use incredianil ? oh you POOR thing.Did you know it sends out auto attachaments without you knowing about it?

geek_peepme, May 6, 7:19 pm

Re... i am sure smtp port is 25 but i think it is 26 IF your isp blocks 25.i had a simialr port issue when i tried to use my one domain email settings

geek_peepme, May 6, 7:20 pm

Yes I DO USE incredimail LOL and NEVER have a problem with it until now hehe. So *bite me* - anyone else know how to fix this before the man is ordered to sit on the phone to xtra for half an hour lol

geek_adult_toys, May 6, 7:37 pm

Have you set the outgoing server to the one on Xtras support pages?

geek_dunedin_ree, May 6, 7:38 pm

Sussed it all good. It had changed to "localhost" and it needed to be .. It only changed when we secured the wireless network hehe. Thanks guys

geek_adult_toys, May 6, 7:44 pm

Re... it doesn't worry you that your email program is sending out auto attachments?

geek_peepme, May 6, 7:52 pm

Nope not at all. Good Night :-)

geek_adult_toys, May 6, 7:54 pm

Just incredimail trying to download more Hello Kitty smilies! Type "omg ponies" at the command line.

geek_gibler, May 6, 7:55 pm

Re... an email program that sends auto attachments could be called a virus.So it sounds like the program gets the files from the website itself Gibler ?In which case a user could block that connection to incredimail.I use Eudora and that can have a habit of connecting to the Eudora advertising website if the website isn't blocked first

geek_peepme, May 6, 8:00 pm

If you buy the full program - it does not send out auto-attachments - you cheep b*&st$#D!!!

geek_lorie, Nov 5, 2:46 am

it has too many problems like this. . . .Socket Error: 10061 , Port: 25, Protocol: SMTP.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

geek_bhuwan(sdbl), May 13, 5:56 pm

What is an 'auto attachment ? My Incredimail outgoing server is today telling me i have a 550 5.5.1 protocol
error .??? What the heck is that- all of a sudden ???

from : Technologically Inpaired Joan

geek_joan-_technologi, Feb 26, 7:57 am

Outgoing server is blocked over two weeks..

geek_janet, Jan 10, 3:27 pm

my outgoing server shows 550 5.5.1 Protocol error

geek_guest, Jun 26, 10:16 pm