Incredimail outgoing server problems

karl110, May 6, 7:17am
Incredimail outgoing server problems...Help please Socket Error: 10061 , Port: 7362, Protocol: SMTP.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.


peepme, May 6, 7:19am
Re... you use incredianil ? oh you POOR thing.Did you know it sends out auto attachaments without you knowing about it?

peepme, May 6, 7:20am
Re... i am sure smtp port is 25 but i think it is 26 IF your isp blocks 25.i had a simialr port issue when i tried to use my one domain email settings

adult_toys, May 6, 7:37am
Yes I DO USE incredimail LOL and NEVER have a problem with it until now hehe. So *bite me* - anyone else know how to fix this before the man is ordered to sit on the phone to xtra for half an hour lol

dunedin_ree, May 6, 7:38am
Have you set the outgoing server to the one on Xtras support pages?

adult_toys, May 6, 7:44am
Sussed it all good. It had changed to "localhost" and it needed to be .. It only changed when we secured the wireless network hehe. Thanks guys

peepme, May 6, 7:52am
Re... it doesn't worry you that your email program is sending out auto attachments?

adult_toys, May 6, 7:54am
Nope not at all. Good Night :-)

gibler, May 6, 7:55am
Just incredimail trying to download more Hello Kitty smilies! Type "omg ponies" at the command line.

peepme, May 6, 8:00am
Re... an email program that sends auto attachments could be called a virus.So it sounds like the program gets the files from the website itself Gibler ?In which case a user could block that connection to incredimail.I use Eudora and that can have a habit of connecting to the Eudora advertising website if the website isn't blocked first

lorie, Nov 4, 1:46pm
If you buy the full program - it does not send out auto-attachments - you cheep b*&st$#D!!!

bhuwan(sdbl), May 13, 5:56am
it has too many problems like this. . . .Socket Error: 10061 , Port: 25, Protocol: SMTP.No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

joan-_technologi, Feb 25, 6:57pm
What is an 'auto attachment ? My Incredimail outgoing server is today telling me i have a 550 5.5.1 protocol
error .??? What the heck is that- all of a sudden ???

from : Technologically Inpaired Joan

janet, Jan 10, 2:27am
Outgoing server is blocked over two weeks..

guest, Jun 26, 10:16am
my outgoing server shows 550 5.5.1 Protocol error

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