Anyone know how to create this with Dreamweaver

jhwjhw, Apr 28, 7:32am
Im after a Inquiry box, that sends the contents to a recipient when Send isclicked.

As per the bottom of this website... php? entit

Any ideas how/where I can learn this skill.

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 7:34am
Generally, by copying and pasting/borrowing the code from others. Perhaps try googling for a php contact form and go from there - there's plenty of community resources around that you can use.

Assuming of course that your web server supports php. Is this for a new website or for adding to an existing one?

malachiman, Apr 28, 7:38am
Your after a contact form script, there are a ton of them already made on the net, google is your friend.

stardesta, Apr 28, 7:56am
This should do the trick

stardesta, Apr 28, 7:57am
You will just need to sign up, create your free form, add where you would like form to be send (e. g your email address), then it will produce a code for you to copy, then just paste it into the html code in your dreamweaver site and it will create a form on yoursite. When the data has been entered and they push send it will forward the info onto the email address to specified in the code

brickplasterer, Apr 28, 9:25am
look into mysql and php combined. mysql is the database end and php is thepage coding end.

malachiman, Apr 28, 9:28am
Thats a lot of unnecessary steps when you can do it all in a script and get the same result.

soodanim, Apr 28, 9:51am
Don't need mysql for a contact form.

I have a program that creates PHP forms but there are a lot of free scripts available that you can configure and cut and paste into existing code.

http://fwd4. me/FpB

stardesta, Apr 28, 10:45am
Its 2 steps, create a form, upload it to website. Not everyone has the script code just lurking on their computer

jancemord, Apr 28, 6:23pm
Are you just wanting name e-mail phone number message? No indeph questions etc

jhwjhw, Apr 29, 5:35am
Yes, all Im after is what was at the bottom of the initial weblink, maybe a phone number as well.

So, Im after, Name, address, phone, details and an email link to send all inquiries.

I use Frontpage alot, I was hoping I could just Paste the script into the code and go from there.

mattnzw, Apr 29, 6:45am
Ask your webhost, they should be able to give you access to a shared formmail script, or show you how to set that up for you, its really basic stuff.

jayc2007, May 2, 2:28am
Maybe it's too late but. .

You need to use: txt

save this file as send_form_email. php

then get the html from: txt

edit the lines in send_form_email. php to the email.
add/remove php code as per the script for more/less fields.

The last few lines in send_form_email. php can be changed to include html instead of the thanks message. Must start with <html> etc

jhwjhw, May 2, 5:36am
jayc2007, can you please email me on the Form handling matter.

See my current listing for contact info... aspx? id=287548732

jayc2007, May 2, 5:43am
Email me

I didn't see contact info on that listing?

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