OpenBox website builder and hosting ?

aquarius2005, Apr 28, 8:25am
Any feedback on this site ? It seems very new, but so far Im impressed, especially with the online support.
Its like the old geocities where you can use a template and an editor and build away, free and easy.
But I wonder how the hosting plan looks in comparison. For me, it would be cheaper than own host and uploading the changes html/files hassles.

Anyone want to take a look about it and post some comments?

sighthound1, Apr 28, 8:28am
Just had a quick look - $40 a month for hosting is a lot.

sighthound1, Apr 28, 8:29am
You say it is cheaper than your own host... really? I pay under $8 a month and get unlimited databases, unlimited email addresses and 100meg of space.

aquarius2005, Apr 28, 8:38am
Yes, but I expect you make and upload your own pages sighthound... overall cost for a non savvy webbuilder per year, incl domain reg, tech, hosting and hair pulling... . it might be worth it. OpenBox is also 100 mg.

Its a great idea, wonder if it will take off.

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 8:44am
It's nice - but it looks like it runs some kind of CMS, and that's fine. But for way less money than that you could have your own domain/host with a CMS thrown in for free. The set-up on these things is fairly straight-forward (for example: Dreamhost's "one click installs") and then it would be exactly as easy/difficult as using the CMS on openbox. In other words, spend half an hour becoming familiar with your own host and save hundreds of dollars.

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 8:46am
Are you connected with openbox, aquarius? Do you work for them?

aquarius2005, Apr 28, 8:48am
I agree. . until the FTP demon beats your coding everytime ! ! ! Think basic abilities as.

I get the cost thing though, really.
Lots of folk out there looking, might suit some.

profink, Apr 28, 8:49am
That is still pretty expensive. I pay $50 p/year for unlimited storage & traffic + domain name + much more. Granted the domain name is a .com.

This also has two different types of website builders in the control panel (drag and drop + template editor). I don't use them, but would be fine for most users.

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 8:50am
There is no "coding" if you use an out of the box installation of a CMS which, I imagine, is what openbox is running anyway.

And there are instances where you never need to touch FTP, either (eg: if you use the bundled skins and don't add any plugins. There may be ways to do this through the web interface anyway).

I ask again: are you connected to this company?

aquarius2005, Apr 28, 8:52am
Hahaha, dunedin_ree no :) Just looking for alternatives for easy updates, and wanted some thoughts.

sighthound1, Apr 28, 9:03am
Most webhosts worth their salt will have an array of CMS's in the Control Panel that you can install for free. I just think that price is a bit steep.

mattnzw, Apr 28, 10:52am
Thats true, but having a CMS requires quite a lot of technical knowledge. eg you have to update the CMS when new versions come out, which requires MySQL, FTP knowledge. I would recommend either or for someone who has no experence.

aquarius2005, Apr 28, 11:02am
Thats really helpful, many thanks.

jancemord, Apr 28, 6:26pm
Openbox just reminds me of Joomla or Wordpress with a template and a gold price tag

mattnzw, Apr 29, 1:26am
They have possibily purchased or borrowed an open source CMS and customised and repackaged it under their own brand. There are companies that sell those sorts of systems to developers to rebrand and resell.

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