Help...Camera Printer Dock's Q?

no1niki, Apr 30, 8:32am
Does anyone know anything about these... . mine has stopped working for no apparent reason... it's always hooked upto my computer & all i do is place my camera on top & press print to computer button & bob's your uncle... now it wont... . all it's willing to do is actualy PRINT the photo's onto paper... which i don't want... . any suggestion's much appreciated ;-)
PS: I have tried unpluging it from the wall & waiting & repluging it... . didn't work ;-(

richms, Apr 30, 8:40am
Well without knowing the camera, the dock, the operating system or the software involved you are not gonna get much more of a suggestion then to turn it off and on again.

no1niki, Apr 30, 9:24am
All i can tell you is it's a Kodak Easy Share CX6200 camera & the printer is the same make & sez printer dock 6000... . if that help's any... the software... mmm duno but it sez on the disc Version 1. 1 for windows & Mac & i'm currently on XP if that mean's anything... excuse the "blondeness" lol

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