acer laptop

vomen, May 1, 7:25am
help, bn on it for a day. . reformatted hdd xp. got everything bar damn sound. . it was going... how do i find sound crd or device and where. . please help

wetjet, May 1, 7:27am
Have u got the discs with the drivers on it? Sounds like you need to install the sound card driver again.

vomen, May 1, 7:32am
na got no disc

sambo54, May 1, 7:36am
go on internet google acer sound card drivers and download *something 97 is the standard*, sorry on a mac at the moment and cant remember the ones i had to download) if you don't have disks.

baker-assoc, May 1, 7:43am
google Realtek Ac97 driver - chances are it will be that.

Or go to acer site, search for your model and download drivers

cessna3, May 1, 7:45am
I got mine from the acer site here

project_gundam, May 1, 7:47am
I have acer 5310 had this prob before just rebooted several times and worked

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