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chaw1984, May 3, 12:56am
I have a brother MFC -206Cand I only want to print in black and white. But I can't it keeps telling me to install the colour cartridges is there any way around this or do I have to replace the ink cardridges?
And if I do how do I then get the printer to only use the black ink as I don't want to be paying for colour cartridges all the time.

0800xford, May 3, 1:03am
have you taken the coloured cartridges out of the unit?


pcfix4u, May 3, 1:06am
Get a B&W laser printer, in the long run it will save you a fortune.
My toner for my laser printer cost $80. 00 and last for over a year of office printing...

trevix2k, May 3, 1:08am
printing in B&W can be adjusted in the printers properties. usually when you click print a dialogue box will pop up with all the options you can do, such as select a printer, number of pages or specific pages to print. the color adjustment is normally on the right side on the current printer named properties

0800xford, May 3, 1:08am
maybe your printer is toner deaf?

chito, May 3, 1:11am
Inkjets will still waste ink doing head cleaning, whether you only print in B/W or not. They are the biggest con of the century, well apart from politicians, car salesmen, insurance brokers, holiday sellers, prostitutes, God botherers, ... ... ... ... ... ... . . -
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... -
... ... ... . . etc.

hakatere1, May 3, 2:37am
Take colour carts out and where the wee grooves are on the end, place a bit of electrical tape. Push well into groves before pushing ends of tape down. Then replace. This will fool ink level sensor into thinking it's full.

pcmaster, May 3, 2:41am
some printers dont operate without both sets of carts in there - regardless of whether they're used or not.

0800xford, May 3, 3:07am
maybe you need to: jpg


rona1, May 3, 7:56pm
also make sure you click greyscale so it doesn't use the colour carts.

rgtrading, May 3, 8:33pm
Brother printers are useless! ! ! Of course I only found this out after my head became clogged on the starter cartridges and only got worse with 'cleaning'. Google tells me that all low end Brother printers sufferfrom similar problems, along with inpractical design, poor print quality and of course the problem #1 has mentioned. So in short, don't buy a low end borther printer - spend a bit extra and get a much better product of another brand (or at least google before you buy).

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