Hey Anyone Happen To Have A Diwana Torrent Invite?

kiwidanjr, May 6, 11:59am
Hey Anyone Happen To Have A Diwana Torrent Invite? Please can anyone give me an invite if they hava spare :) thatd be awesome

kiwidanjr, May 6, 2:03pm
Bump ;)

puddleduck00, May 6, 2:22pm
You don't need an invite it's free registration. You can have a referral if you want though lol.. purely optional http://diwana.org/signup.php?referrer=pudleduck00

kiwidanjr, May 7, 12:57am
Puddleduck An error has occured!
You must be invited in order to be able to register on our tracker. Have a nice day.

kiwidanjr, May 7, 1:15am
I neeeed an invite :( help pleease :)

sighkick, May 7, 1:48am
Join http://fr333dom.com/ and then PM me to receive an invite to Diwana - I only have 974 left, so don't delay! p.s. I use the same nick on fr333dom [fr333dom is free to join]. You do know that Diwana specialises in Sports all except AFL which you can find on fr333dom.

sighkick, May 7, 2:33am
Please remember to include... your email address in the PM ... that's how the system works.

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