Hp Deskjet 380 Printer,scanner copier.

meme6, May 5, 2:23am
I am having trouble getting this printer to print. I went into the menu and where it has the files lined up ready to print it said open door. I have not a clue what that meant as all doors on the computer are shut, however someone might be able to enlighten me. Also when it goes to print a bar with green flashes across screen and then goes as quick as it came still with no luck. There is also an orange light flashing on the printer. I hope someone has more idea how I can get this thing to work. Thanks in advance.

gyrogearloose, May 5, 3:39am
I think you need to check the doors on the printer, not the doors on the computer. Here's a link to changing the cartridges and printing the alignment sheet - it has pictures of the doors. My recollection of these kind of HP printers is that you MUST complete the alignment process by scanning the printout, otherwise it keeps asking for alignment.

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