can i download Microsoft anywhere for free?

am looking at doing my Cv But dont have word on my computer and
dont really want to pay for it coz i wanna use it once, Thank you

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 4:43 pm

You can download Open Office for free

geek_johnlyn, May 5, 4:46 pm

Aw really how do i get to that?

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 4:46 pm

down load open office

geek_lilyfield, May 5, 4:47 pm

You'll find the legal version here:

And another here:

geek_badcam, May 5, 4:47 pm


geek_johnlyn, May 5, 4:47 pm

See we all know

geek_johnlyn, May 5, 4:48 pm

Thank you guys so much =) will try them now

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 4:48 pm

You can download Microsoft Office here, with a 60-day free trial: http://trial. a
spx? culture=en-GB

But, my advice is to do a free Microsoft Office training course, and include this new skill on your CV. It's a common expectation among employers, that everyone has Microsoft Office experience - ask around and see whether they rate Open Office as highly...

geek_gyrogearloose, May 5, 4:50 pm

It depends what she wishes to do... ... ... ... ... . She may be a hairdressey, bar person, shop assistant, cleaner etc, etc. Not all jobs require that one is computer literate let alone can use Microsoft Office... ... ... ...

geek_ringo2, May 5, 4:55 pm

Where do i find this free Microsoft office training course? thank you.

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 5:17 pm

I would have thought Apples website would be the obvious place to start looking.

geek_babcorp, May 5, 5:26 pm

and if what employers consider a good understanding over M$ Office, is based on a free Office course, then someone with a good undertanding and half a brain, could easily take up M$ Office without even having used it before. I guarantee you this. Just consider how many people can easily switch from M$ Office to Open Office. They've virtually the same. And besides, with the other way round, most people are still only familiar with the old style M$ Office and so therefore would find the Ribbon more confusing than using Open Office.

geek_badcam, May 5, 6:01 pm

There's should be a college or poly tech in Christchurch that runs a free community computing course, great for getting the basics under control.

geek_shinedog, May 5, 6:22 pm

if you do use open office be sure to save a . doc version for other people to open as it defaults to its own . odt etc. Or even better, PDF.

geek_amieward, May 5, 7:23 pm au

This guy has some really good tutorials on Microsoft Word etc

geek_rozendaal, May 5, 7:23 pm

So whats wrong with the very basic MS Word Pad that you will find in accessories

geek_air.rowcj, May 5, 8:51 pm

My computer only has note pad air. rowcj other wise i would use the normal word

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 11:23 pm

Im looking at doing a course through southern institute of technology theres somethings i need on my computer but am not sure if i gotta buy them or download them. gotta work on that b4 i will apply and pay for the course
Thank you everyone for your help much appreciated =)

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 5, 11:24 pm

wordpad and notepad both come with windows
they're 2 different programs. for typing up a cv, wordpad will do the job.

geek_pcmaster, May 6, 1:26 am

Or, if you mostly use it on the go, give Google Docs a try, it's almost full featured document editor with no download or install! , visit http://docs. (watch the video there to learn more)

geek_smoothjazz, May 6, 2:58 am

Mum, to be specific, go to 'start', 'all programs', 'accessories', right click on 'Wordpad', 'send to' click desktop. will put the Wordpad short cut on your desktop.
The above for Windows xp. others probably not much different.

geek_richard112, May 6, 7:09 am

This is the local one: http://www.manukau. - ask the registrar at SIT if they have something equivalent.

The website mentions Word 2003, but I assure you they are using Office 2007. And I stand by my earlier comments. Employers want employees who have a good grasp of Microsoft Office. If you wrote "Office 2007 training through MIT" on your CV, well, I think the employer would put you in charge of training other users on the next Office upgrade - probably you'd be the only one there that has Office 2007 training. You write "Open Office" or "Star Office" or "AbiWord" - they probably wouldn't have ever seen them.

geek_gyrogearloose, May 6, 8:50 am

Then just put "Word-processing" and cover all the bases.

geek_cybertao, May 6, 8:57 am

You are going to need to learn Microsoft office seeing as you are doing a businesscourse.

Once you are a student you can get a big discount on Microsoft Office some versions of office dont come with outlook which you will need to learn if you are planning to do reception work.

Have a look at the different versions: aspx? c=Software&s=Software&ss

Best of luck...

geek_pcfix4u, May 6, 8:59 am

My point is that 1001 employers are going to do an Office 2007 upgrade in the next 12 months - if they see "Office 2007 training" written on the CV, they *may* click and think this specific person could be in charge of the training, rather than "Word-processing" which probably just means that there's 1 more user to train... and we still need to find a trainer...

geek_gyrogearloose, May 6, 9:01 am

Right onGyro. Office 2007 means so much more

geek_biggal, May 6, 9:10 am

I've known people with Office qualifications who didn't know how to save their work or find it again afterwards.
If Wordprocessing isn't enough, add Spreadsheet and Database design.

Seriously, what is so special about Office?

geek_cybertao, May 6, 9:14 am

I agree. Especially this malarkey about having to have it if you're doing a business course. Rubbish! If you're familiar with Open Office, there is nothing that can't be done on that, that you would be required to do in a business course.

geek_badcam, May 6, 9:34 am

I suggest the point you've missed is that the poster is standing in the queue trying to get a job. Every job advertised gets 200-250 replies. The applicant needs to put something in their CV that will make the cut of 5 CV's given to the hiring manager for consideration.

I don't think you guys have been in that queue recently? It can be depressing, especially after you've sent out a few hundred applications and not made any of the shortlists. Then, you need to do something - such as a training course to freshen your skills.

I don't disagree that other software can achieve the same objective - and the only thing special about Office is the marketing hype. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw Abiword marketing... or installed on a new computer by the manufacturer...

geek_gyrogearloose, May 6, 9:49 am

If you have mastered Open Office then MS Office 2007 is a breeze. Don't forget to shop around for MS Office Home and Student 2007. I picked up mine up from Harvey Norman's for $147. 00 and the bonus is that you can upgrade to MS 2010 at the end of of October.

geek_jeeves-50, May 6, 10:29 am

Wow thank you everyone for your information =) I will be going with Microsoft office 2007 the course im going to be doing i learn all about open office, im doing certificate in word processing course which is 17 weeks long, also am doing certificate in introductory computing studies and also certificate in basic computing support and certificate in spread sheets and databases =)

geek_pr0ud-mum-of-1, May 6, 11:29 am