Thunderbird problem

goldenwillow, May 5, 9:32pm
Does anyone know how to get thunderbird mail folders back, I was using my mail this morning, worked fine, then closed mailand have just come back to computer and tried to open up TB mail but instead I get a blank screen and "account wizard" andit tells me to set up a mail account. I have been using my TB mail several years no problem until today, its version 2. Any suggestions as I have some important emails I need to action. Thanks

drsr, May 5, 10:03pm
Make sure you haven't accidentally logged in as a different Windows user. Find your profile folder using the info on . Your mail files should be in there, in a subfolder with the same name as the mail account. They will have filenames like "Inbox", "Sent", and index files like "Inbox. msf", "Sent. msf" etc. Make a backup copy of this folder and all subfolders before you try anything. Use the profile manager (see the above link) to see if your profile is pointing to the correct location.

goldenwillow, May 6, 9:24am
No, I have not accidently logged as different windows user. As yet still not able to find files, yes, I agree they should still be there as I had not done anything different to make them vamoose! Any other suggestions? TIA.

drsr, May 6, 10:04pm
Are there any files at all under %APPDATA%\Thunderbird? Try searching your whole C: drive for a file called "Inbox". If it isn't there you will need to restore it from a backup.

0800xford, May 6, 10:07pm

you could try your luck with this

goldenwillow, May 7, 1:43am
I have just found 72 files after typing in INBOX, so now what do I do to make a back up copy of these... I cannot find any profile manager so not sure what to do now

goldenwillow, May 7, 1:44am
Would it work on the 72 files if I installed it now?

drsr, May 7, 6:33am
I suggest you backup everything under your Documents and Settings folder (or ideally, your whole disk) to an external drive before doing anything else. has the instructions for running Thunderbird profile manager. You can see where the Inbox files are located on the disk by right-clicking on them and selecting "Open file location" (or "Open containing directory").

lynn_b, Sep 15, 8:43pm
When I get an email from someone that has a background (pic), photo,stationary,etc. and I go to reply, the background (pic) doesn't show up, does anyone know why that is ?
Thanks !!

lynn_b, Sep 15, 11:03pm
Update as to my previous post ... This only affects my email when I am trying to reply to someone who has sent me email using Incredimail (sp?)

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