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redrustie, May 5, 10:22pm
I've had limited experience with Adobe Reader but someone has sent me a couple of forms to complete but i don't know how to complete them online. Can anyone help me please? I've looked in the document properties and it allows for form filling. I've tried using both the select and hand tool's but they let me click where i want but my typing isn't showing... . what do i need to do? Many thanks!

r.g.nixon, May 5, 11:13pm
There might be a way to do it... .
but if you give up, this program will work
http://pdf-xchange-viewer. en.

redrustie, May 5, 11:45pm
thanks for that, i'll take a look a bit later. I'm still going through the trouble shooting online but i can't work it out!

drsr, May 6, 12:28am
Is it actually a "fillable" form? If it is you'll see a big bar at the top of Reader under the menu bar that says "Please fill out the following form" and has a "highlight form fields" button on it. See this one for example: http://help. 0/Samples/interactivef
orm_enabled. pdf

It may just be a plain old form that they want you to print, fill out, scan and email back.

redrustie, May 6, 12:35am
Yes, i read that but it also says that if it's a single layer document (or flat) you should be able to use the typewriter tool, but i can't find it so maybe they haven't enabled it? Hmmmm!

drsr, May 6, 9:26am
The person that creates the PDF has to use Acrobat Pro on the PDF file to enable the Typewriter tool for Reader users, so if they've just printed the form to PDF from Word or whatever then the Typewriter tool won't be enabled in Reader.

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